Has anyone gave birth vaginally after having a c-section?

So I am 11 weeks pregnant with baby #3. My first pregnancy was induced at 39 weeks. I had a vaginal delivery. In my second pregnancy, I was induced at 39 weeks, pushed for 3 hours had had an emergency c-section. This pregnancy, I’m nervous. My doctor has said that I should be able to deliver vaginally again as long as I don’t gain over 20 pounds… but there is the risk of my uterus rupturing where my c section Scare is. My question is have yall had a successful vaginal delivery after a c section. Were there complications?? Would it be safer just to plan a c section?? My husband thinks I should just plan a c section, but he doesn’t understand how rough the recovery is. I’m just wondering all opinion and experiences. Thank you in advance.


I had a c section in April 2015 and January 2019 I had a vbac.

Women have vbac all the time.


I have 4 children. 1st vaginal 2nd c-section, 3 & 4 vaginal. Vaginal after a c-section was no different from my first vaginal.

A VBAC is very possible and very safe.
Any doctor that says, “you can have one so long as _____” is not supportive. They will likely con you into doing a CS for money.

I’m planning on having a VBA2C whenever I have another child. There’s a very minimal risk of a uterine rupture. It’s not a contributing factor, just a scare tactic.


yes i have had 5 successful VBAC

I had vaginal then c section then vaginal. Last vaginal baby was almost 9lbs and I didnt have any problems. (1st was 7lb 8oz, then 6lb 2oz)

I had a c section in 2017 then a VBAC in 2018. All went well no problems, and I was high risk due to my uterus abnormality, so I’m sure you would be fine x

I haven’t had this experience personally, but my mom had me by c-section 31 years ago and then my brother vaginally 5 years later without complication. And like I said that was 26 years ago, so there’s no reason you can’t.

I had a VBAC 17months between them. I did have a haemorrhage and lost some blood so I was anemic after but the second labor was a lot smoother and less complicated thankfully. I was much more mobile the second time too and in less pain. Vaginal delivery Is defo easier. Although I do advice to have plenty of witch hazel and pain meds for the first week coz you will be sore

I had emergency c section in 2011 then VBAC in 2019

My mom had an emergency c section with my and to VBACs after me and the first VBAC was just a little over a year after I was born

I tried a vbac and was one of the .01% that started to have signs of a uterine rupture. The chances are SO low if you have only had 1 c section but increase with each c section after that. Talk with your doc and they can help talk to you! I have TONS of scar tissue in my uterus so I could only ever have c sections after but everyone is different!

What happened with your second child that you needed a csection?

The chances of your csection scare rupturing after just one csection is pretty slim if you didn’t have any issues with the healing. I had 3 csections, first one emergency, knocked out, the other 2 scheduled. Each recovery was completely different though.

I had a vaginal delivery after a c section 5yrs prior…no problems…only in active labor 3 hrs.

My first was a c-section, I had 3 vaginal deliveries after that with no complications.

I had a vbac 9months ago!

Second c section is always so much easier then the first


I had a c-section and then gave birth vaginally to twins with no problems at all, and not a single stitch needed! Recovery was great and I was back doing the school run when they were 4 days old! Go for the vaginal birth the chance of a rupture are so so so slim x