Has anyone gave birth vaginally after having a c-section?

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I did, my first was a little over 7 pounds and she wouldn’t budge. I was scheduled for the 2nd c- section but the insurance wouldn’t cover it unless I did a trial of labor. It was nearly a disaster as my 10 pound son got stuck. My OB finally got him out with no adverse effects to him. I on the other hand had more stitches than any person should. I was perfectly happy with having a second caesarean, my vback recovery was 100 times worse than a caesarean was.

Plan a c section natural was horrible after c section

YES. I had my son via c-section and had my daughter vaginally. They are 6.5 years apart, but it is possible. Keep an open mind and never underestimate what your body was made to do.

I had an emergency c section on November 23, 1994 & a vbac on October 03,1995… Didn’t have any problems after either one

I had a csection for my first birth and i have had a natural 3 times since then.

The second c-section isn’t as bad as the first. My first was absolutely awful I couldn’t walk for almost a week and the second I left the hospital after 48hrs.

Im in the same situation as well, first pregnancy was a epidural vaginal delivery, the 2nd one was a emergency csection due to baby being breech & im 39 weeks into my 3rd pregnancy & doctor says everything is going okay, baby is head down & i should be able to have a vbac but im scared if i have to have another csection cause the recovery was so painful😞

I personally don’t understand the long recovery everyone talks about csects. I was up walking about 6 hours after. About 12 hours I was walking the halls. A few hours after that I walked my other children to the park near the hospital. My ex was totally against me having any pain meds. I took them at the hospital when he wasn’t around. But when he was he’d glare at me. I wasn’t allowed to fill my Rx either. I chased a toddler around with help from my oldest. Carried both kids. It was rough, don’t get me wrong, I wish I could’ve had those pills. But it was manageable. If without the drugs if I were to have another I’d be happy to have csect again. So much better than 3 days stuck in a bed in excruciating pain. Then it burning every time I would pee & all the other pain.

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It depends on your body. My second c-section was so much easier. They typically use the same scar. You can try for vbac I don’t see the harm if your obgyn is on board. Just know the 2nd is almost always easier

I just had a vbac 2 weeks ago. My first baby born via csection is now 18 months old, so they’re quite close in age too. It’s definitely possible :slightly_smiling_face: and I’m glad I pushed for a vaginal (most people will try and convince you to do a repeat csection)

Pm if you have questions!

I had induction for my first, emergency c section for my second, and labored and delivered my third, my doctor did watch me a little closer during delivery but it all went well. Just remember everyones body is different

I would definitely try to vbac since you’ve had a vaginal delivery before as long as they’re not expecting a really big baby or something like that.

I’ve had 3 c sections. The first one was an emergency c section the second two were planned. Its so much easier, you get a date and you go in to have your baby.

My second was delivered naturally after my first being emergency c-section. No complications and faster recovery

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usually if there was complications during ur delivery they recommended you repeat csection again to avoid the risk of complications again.

Hi how many years do you have between now and the second baby, if it’s 5 years you’re good

I gave birth to 3 after my c-section. I definitely recovered much faster from the vaginal births than the c-section. No complications at all

Yes, I did! my second daughter was c-section! My third was schedule c-section but she decided to come a day early. I got to the hospital at 5:15am, she was born all natural at 6:03am, 45 mins later. She was my easiest delivery out of my 4 daughters. She is 27 years old now. Good luck!

My VBAC was a tougher recovery than my c-section after 18 hours of labor. My son born by VBAC was very large, 10 lbs, and he did a lot of nerve damage. I was told that I shouldn’t have been a VBAC as those are unsafe if baby is estimated to be over 7 lbs! Recovery was about a month to 6 weeks longer than c-section.