Has anyone gave birth vaginally after having a c-section?

As a Labor nurse I’ve seen things go every which way! (40 years) No guarantees with either. Uterine ruptures are very real but rare. You can rupture without having had a previous C/ section, and the uterus doesn’t always rupture where the previous scar was. It’s just not black and white…
Given you have a proven pelvis from your first delivery your chances are better for a successful vbac however. You’ll need constant fetal and Uterine monitoring and abide by the doctor’s advice re: weight gain etc. You didn’t mention if your 2nd baby was large or if you were heavier at the time of delivery. The mom’s weight is a safety factor in both delivery methods. Ultimately it’s your decision with your MD. You can always try to VBAC and at any time during the process you can change your mind!
I will say, a scheduled CS is easier to recover from as you didn’t labor first and spend hours pushing. The same fatigue won’t be there and your body didn’t experience that stress.


My first baby vaginal delivery after a long labor.Second like your delivery ,pushed 4 hrs then a c/section,I had complications and a classical incision so wasn’t a candidate for a VBAC(pretty much once a section always a section back then) and had my 3Rd by repeat c-section and it was easy this time around.I think it’s safer for the mom to have a repeat ,but depends on the reason for the previous c-section.I would talk it over with your Dr,go with what you feel most comfortable with.Make sure if you plan to deliver vaginally that the hospital has in-house Drs to be able to do an emergency c-section 24/7. I am a retired RN who mainly worked OB.

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My first child was C-sec. My next 2 (1986 & 1993) were both Vbacs. No problems - and natural births are much easier to recover from!

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I had a vbac with my daughter after 2 c-sections with my boys. I had to go to a bigger hospital in case there was any issues. No problems at all and my baby girl is now 30!!!

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The safety of Vaginal birth after a c-sec drpends on how your uteral incisionwas done. I the uterus was cut horizontally low on the uterus and you are a well nourished healthy woman then vbac is safe. If the uterus was cut vertically or high on the uterus you are at much higher risk for uterine rupture.


I delivered twice VBAC, after my first was a C-section. And my 2nd child was 11 lbs!! Ugh. No major complications. I trusted my doctor and believed if he became concerned at any point, he would have made me deliver by C-section. Communication with your doctor about your preferences and concerns is key.

My 4th was c-section, my 5th they monitored my uterus from the inside and I successfully delivered my baby. This was in 1987, and procedures are much safer now. Yes, v-backs are encouraged today.

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I had a vbac 24 years ago! My advice and what ur dr should explain to u is to prepare for the worst and hope for the best. I educated myself and had a plan as to how to go about having a vbac and an understanding of the things that could go wrong at which time having a c section would become necessary for the baby and myself. By having the plan i felt more in control and confident going into the delivery.

In my opinion it is not worth any additional risk to the child for the benefit of a few weeks faster recovery. My friend was one of the unlucky ones with her VBAC choice - her uterus split and her child was born with severe brain damage.

There are thousands of women who have safely gone through VBAC. Physical fitness is ALWAYS a strong key toward a successful vaginal birth. And unfortunately, the medical “knowledge” that is still espoused in 2020, is outdated and not backed entirely by actual science. For example, women of color, especially black women were “known” to be “unable to have a successful VBAC” because “their bodies are more suited to manual labor, not the gentle pursuits of motherhood”. Yeah, it’s based on that kind of “science”. And the c-section that is commonly done today is not the massive gaping incision that was used only 20 years ago. So odds of severe scar tissue a less these days than they were a couple decades ago.

All mine were c sections because my dr told me that once you have a c section every pregnancy afterward has to be one as well. I had c sections scheduled with second and third ones they came a week early and dr said I was not allowed to into labor meaning once my water broke I had to go straight to or my second child they screwed up and allowed me to be in labor for hours even after water broke cause they didnt want to follow drs orders. Reason that I was not allowed to go in labor was because dr said it could be fatal for me or my baby.

I had a vbac after emergency c-section and I had gained tons of weight during the pregnancy. I was induced and it was hard labor (no drugs due to allergies) but was a much easier recovery even with getting 22 stiches!

My planned c sections recovery was soooo smooth Vs my emergency c section.
I was so scared. I’m 4 weeks PP and feel great. At 1 week I was doing laundry, cooking, and cleaning this time around.
All around a better experience

My first was an emergency c-section. I had my daughter 14 months later vbac. They had to use the suction cup to help get her out. It is dangerous and can be a life threatening situation. She was 2 lbs 2 oz. smaller than my son. You can do it but you are a taking risk. I hope the best for both of you!

I did not try for a V-bac but I will say, the recovery from my second c-sections was a piece of cake compared to my first. Didn’t even feel like I had surgery

For me I was given the option but during my first csection one of my daughter’s feet got stuck and tore me a little off to the side. Because of the same risks but a little higher risk I opted for a planned csection.

I had three vaginal deliveries then my fourth was a c-section followed by number five being vaginal. Had no problems

Yes. My first was c-section and my second and third were vaginal. It is possible only with a certain kind of c-section.

My mom had a c-section with me and vaginal births for both my sister and brother after me. I was also her smallest baby but she was very young when she had me.

I know that if I could choose I would pick Vbac because recovery is so much easier.