Has anyone give CBD oil to a teen with anxiety and anger issues?

Has anyone used CBD oil to help anxiety and explosive anger for a 13 year old girl?


CBD didn’t help my daughter. She has anxiety and auto immune disease.

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We tried with our 11 year old boy and weren’t too successful he hated the way it tasted. My only recommendation if you choose to try it is to have patience (it can take awhile for noticeable changes) and make sure you are getting a good product not one that has a bunch of fillers. Most good CBD oils will be on the more expensive side and have 2-4 ingredients.

Hmm a good old ass whooping did me good at 13!!
I knew I was being a asshole and deserved that shit!!! But to get to your point CBD is Good for anxiety. A heart to heart talk and understanding and getting close to your kid is another way to deal with it. Giving them CBD is just coating the anxiety and bad behavior. For instance my daughter at the age of 12 was trying to cut herself because she was unhappy with her life. When I discovered this I sat down and paid attention to her to what she had to say. I helped her understand that that was not the way, And that I was there for her through anything she was going through. And that I will always be there for her. She stop cutting herself and she has never went back to it and we are very close she tells me everything and I listen and guide her.

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My GP says 50% chance of effectiveness in humans. Be sure to get full spectrum cannabidiol. 100% in dogs. Do not know the cat percentage. Did not work at all for me. zero, nada, nothing. Adding zip to my border collie steps and relaxing the chihuahua. 13 year old humans are relatively similar to chihuahuas.
Use Anada professional full spectrum extract for humans (up to 3% THC) and Embark natural health for dogs (also full spectrum). Embark also has human flavor, zero THC.

Puberty sucks. Talk to her pediatrician before you give her anything. See if there’s counseling for her & maybe get to the heart of her issues. CBD is wonderful but cannabinoids effect the brain in people younger than 25 yrs old differently than those 25+ yrs old.

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I have a family member with anxiety . It’s important to learn and know that sometimes people with anxiety won’t communicate like we would do. It’s important to understand how they feel and to learn to communicate. Before you make any decisions please get in with a counselor. If if it takes a few times to find someone that you feel you can trust. If the first thing they want to do is prescribe drugs I wouldn’t go back. Work to find a way to help the symptom of what causes the anxiety. I know with my family member communication was key at working through anxiety attacks.

Be very careful. Especially, if there is a family history of behavioral health. My ex-husband has a family history of bipolar. It started to show up in him around 25 years old. He tried to treat with cannabinoids which made it worse. He became extremely manic and dangerous.

I haven’t given it, but I have heard that it helps. I have a 17 year old with severe anxiety and I keep telling her she should try it, but she won’t.

My mom does for my little brother, he has autism and ocd. Helps him to calm down a lot.

I haven’t given it to a teenager, but I used cbd all through my pregnancy and my little one gets it when he’s teething

Might also be helpful to sit down in a quiet space and have her tell you what is really been bothering her, be it school, things at home, “friends”, and tell her that you love her and that whatever it is you won’t be mad as long as she communicates. If unwilling have her write it down if she doesn’t want to just talk about what’s been upsetting her. Explain hormones and how they can affect people she’s turning into a young woman her hormones are in a huge flux too. Explain to her it’s normal to be happy one moment, sad or angry and maybe have her track her cycle for two months ask her if days before expected cycles she notices these feelings of anxiety or rage spiking or during the cycle as well. A lot of moms these days I’m finding haven’t prepared them about hormones and cycles and feelings that can go hand in hand with impending womanhood.


No. It’s a spiritual problem. Child needs to be delivered in Jesus name


Oil I havent tried but the gummy bears work well. There is zero high associated and it really calms the heart and mind.

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Exorcism may work but has yet to be proven effective on teenage girls! Good luck and may god be with you!


Ive heard from several people that these and the gummies help alot… No THC and also helps with pain relief

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My daughter has anxiety - she sees a therapist and she got into some crafts that help her channel her anxieties.


My son is 11 has outburst from possible mood disorder. It works wonders for him

My teenager uses broad spectrum CBD, which is ZERO percent THC. She has honey sticks for when she feels like she needs it. Broad spectrum has no THC, and full spectrum has trace amounts of THC, so I make sure to buy her broad spectrum.

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Brainspotting is. Very helpful for anxiety, bit the child would have to be willing to participate in the therapy. You can do research on it
David Grand developed brainspotting, it’s a variation on EMDR therapy