Has anyone gone to the doctor and had a false positive pregnancy test?

I would just like some opinions about a false pregnancy test. My doctor didn’t answer my question at all besides saying it was possibly a miscarriage or a false positive and left it at that. I took three at-home tests (all different brands) because my period was a day late, and my boyfriend and I had an incident that month and I felt like something was off. They all came out positive, so I made a dr appointment and went to get a test, and the one there was negative. I came up with a urinary tract infection instead. I also ended up started my period a few days later. I was wondering if anyone has ever experienced this? Did you know if it was a miscarriage or false positive? I know false positives are very so I would just like to know others experiences and opinions and to ease my mind.


Get a second opinion if you ain’t started in the next 2-3 days I had that to happen and went for 2nd opinion and came back positive of your hcg ain’t really high enough it might not show up everytime

An infection can throw a false positive but three seems a stretch…

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Certain medications can give you a false positive pregnancy test. Such as Provera. Other than a false positive, the only other explaination is early pregnancy detection and early spontaneous abortion. 100’s of woman miscarry without realising they were actually pregnant.


If you have endometriosis it can also cause them. Have a blood test in a week to confirm your hcg levels


It’s a miscarriage. Also called a chemical pregnancy.


Hormones are weird. I’d check here and there and track em. Check with a blood test for hcg levels.

Did you speak to an actual OB/Gyn? That would be the best person to talk to. I’m sorry you were dismissed without understanding.

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I was pregnant went to the doctor they said I wasn’t take one at home and I was in fact pregnant

Could have been a phantom pregnancy, my husband and I recently went through one ourselves, I had also just had my tubes clamped a few months prior.

Possibly a blighted ovum?


False positive results could also arise from the testing strip that was used, especially if the strip is damaged/expired. Perhaps you should test for serum hcg instead of a urine hcg. Usually in a miscarriage, serum hcg remains faintly positive for a while.

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Did they do hcg to confirm? Or should do several to confirm miscarriage…i had at home pos dr neg so sent for hcg says pos but # low so resent for follow up to confirm miscarriage

Chemical pregnancy. Everytime I would go to the Dr. Their test would be negative in the beginning, finally had blood tests I was pregnant and later would miscarry and we always knew because I would get my HCG levels and they would hardly increase. Then my two children same thing positive tests at home, negative urine at the Dr. Until further a long. The tests I use are so accurate that they can detect HCG well before your period.

Literally the only thing that can cause a false POSITIVE is if you are on fertility medications that increase the hCG in your system. Otherwise you are probably having a miscarriage. I’m very sorry for the bad news. You will get through this :heart: and as for your doctor, go to a different one. If he can’t be bothered to answer the questions of someone going through something like this, then good riddance!


Demand an ultrasound and hcg test and find a new doc if they didn’t do that from the start

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You cant get a false positive but I do know the docs tests arent as sensitive as ones you can get a chemist. But to me it sound like a chemical pregnancy.

Your doctor did answer you. You’re just wanting a different answer.

Yeah I would probably see a different doctor because although they see these things daily it doesnt mean your questions shouldn’t be answered. Always remember if your concerns arent being answered or requests arent being met it’s okay to request a different doctor. Its very possible you are having a miscarriage however without hcg test it’s hard to tell for sure!