Has anyone gotten pregnant 7 weeks postpartum?

had a baby seven weeks ago. My husband and I have been having sex since three weeks postpartum I haven’t gotten my IUD in yet, and my husband’s been pulling out, which isn’t effective. My first baby is proof of that. But has anyone gotten pregnant so soon postpartum just from precum? I’ve been feeling the symptoms I usually get with early pregnancy, but the test was negative. I think I’m just anxious, but has it happened to anyone? Please, no judgment. Thank you.


You can get pregnant from pre cum. Maybe use condoms

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My first two are 11 months apart! :joy::grimacing:

You are super fertile after giving birth.


Ma mother had all 3 younger siblings about 7/8 weeks postpartum they all where e under 3

You’re super fertile during that time so easily possible!!

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And ummm condoms cuz precum is still cum


My mom and her sister are 10 months apart, so yeah, it can happen. Good luck!

Yep…my brother is exactly 10 months younger than me

I know people it did happen to, most of them were when I was working in a doctor’s office!
I experienced pregnancy symptoms up to 8 weeks postpartum. No shame since it was scary at first! Talk with your doctor or medical professional. :slight_smile:

Yes and you are super fertile after birth

My 1st 2 are 11 months apart.

You are extremely fertile right after having a baby! So yes. Definitely.

That’s when your the most fertile right after having a baby I got pregnant 3 weeks postpartum and it’s took me 2+ years trying with my first :rofl:


If you tested and it’s negative, then don’t worry too much about it. However, in future you should consider back up protection so you won’t be stressed.

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Any time you have sex you can get pregnant… PERIOD


My girls are 11 months apart… I got pregnant within 2 weeks


My two littles are 9 months and 12 days apart. Had my daughter in November, had a cycle in December, and got confirmation of pregnancy January 22nd.


My sisters are 10 months apart, I think it might be more common then people think it is. My fiancé is 11 months apart from his sister too

Yes u are more fertile right now

Irish twins…April 98. March 99.