Has anyone gotten pregnant after a tubal ligation?

Can you post my question anonymously? I was wondering if any moms on here have fallen pregnant after a tubal ligation? I had my son seven years ago and had a tubal the beginning of August a few weeks after he was born. Supposedly they wrecked my tubes. They burned them and cut them, but I usually have a pretty accurate cycle that’s about 27ish days give or take well. I am now eight days late, bringing my cycle now to 32 days. I’m cramping but haven’t had a period, my nipples are a little sensitive, and I pee a little more frequently. I want opinions. I will make an appointment and/or get a test, but I’m wondering if anyone has had this experience, and it’s turned out to be something else causing it to be late and the other symptoms. I’m 25. Thanks in advance!

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Yes! I had 2 more children after my tubal failed.

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I’ve had ectopic pregnancies. They’re extremely dangerous and painful. Go in sooner than later.

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I had mine cut burnt and tied on July 17 1994 never had a problem but my period changes dates all the time always has

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I had my tube tide 4 tears ago. Last year I got pregnant and lost the baby in aug of last year

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I got pregnant 12 months to the day of mine being done. After 4 girls, I got a boy!


I know people who have ahd multiple kids after… Your chances of getting pregnant slightly increases each year after having it done

Yup my friend had hers removed and her suprise baby is 6 months old now!

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Had my tubes tied 05/05/2000 after baby #5. 10/12/2003 baby #6 was born.

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I have heard of women getting pregnant after they have their tubal ligation. I had my done in December 2012 and haven’t ever got pregnant but my cycle have been all over the place since. There is always a possibility but if suspect you are I would get checked out cause you also don’t want ectopic pregnancy either cause I’ve known a couple of women that have had that happen.

I had mine cut burned and tied. Had pregnancy symptoms and I went in because I didn’t have my period. They did an ultrasound and pregnancy test and literally laughed in my face like I was crazy.
It was negative but still.
I have heard it’s possible. I still haven’t gotten my period.

I’m 28 had my tubal 2 yrs ago and I just found out I’m pregnant. The dr said it happens to 1 in 200 women that get tubal ligation

My sister had a tubal ligation done, and didn’t have kids for like 6 years. One day she ended up pregnant and the doctors couldn’t explain how. But yes it is indeed possible!

Y’all scaring tf out of me


I wonder about the stories sometimes bc some women have tubal ligation reversals and dont tell their families out of fear of what would be said. I’ve had a tubal in 2014 bc of health issues and have been pretty late a few times myself. My cycle use to be regular. Chances that if you are pregnant then it could possibly be ectopic. You want to find out sooner than later so I would start off with a dollar store pregnancy test and go from there.

It can happen.

But your menstrual cycle can change from hormonal changes that just naturally occur too.

Yes, I fell pregnant after having mine done for 4 years

Couple weeks after my 3rd child I was fixed, 6 months later I got pregnant with our 4th. During the c section the new Dr said the first Dr must not of been able to see cause one side didn’t have either band it should and the other side had 1 band but wasnt placed where it prevents anything. Turned out my Dr had several with in a 3 yr time frame that got pregnant after he was supposed to have fixed them too


These comments are giving me anxiety😂 Amy Minns