Has anyone gotten pregnant after having their tubes tied?

Has anyone ever experienced becoming pregnant after having their tubes tied? I’m 37 years old & had my tubes tied 17 years ago when my youngest child was born, but am almost 2 weeks late for my period & have now taken 4 tests which all said positive. I’ve had all of the pregnancy symptoms & haven’t had any problems, I’m just in absolute shock! I have an appointment tomorrow, but I’m having a hard time sleeping the last few nights. I’ve read a lot about it, but I am just wondering if anyone has had any personal experiences with pregnancy after tubal ligation, or if you know anyone who has?


I know someone that got pregnant after a tubal ligation. She got hers clamped and one of the clamps came off and turns out she was hella fertile :joy:


The risk is higher as time goes on. I know someone it happened to and she was pregnant at 43. She was devastated.

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I personally haven’t but I know some who have. You should call your doctor

I was twice!! Tunes tide and on birth control and pregnant two times both miscarriage but yes it does happen

I have heard the failure rate is higher when you have them done just after giving birth but I do know 2 people who have had babies post tubal ligation

I know one that was pregnant at 45

If your tubes were only tied then yes it can happen

I know 2 people who got pregnant after tubes tied. . The only reason that causes a fake positive result is other underlying health issues. Go to the doctor.

High chance of it being ectopic pregnancy and needing to be removed.

You guys are freaking me outtt!


My SIL had 2 babies after her tubes were tied.

Yes right at the 2 year mark.

I did 2 years after mine but mine ended in miscarriage the doctor told me happens more than you would think

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I know of a couple of people this has happened to.

This is why I had my tubes taken out!!!. No undoing can happen.

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My mom worked with someone that had a vasectomy and his 2nd wife had her tubes tied and they ended up with twin boys lol


When I found out I was pregnant I went straight to the er in case it was ectopic pregnancy

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My moms best friend had it happen to her at 40 years old and she had her tubes tied when she had her daughter 18 years prior

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Oh great and I just got mine done​:roll_eyes::tired_face: