Has anyone gotten pregnant on nexplanon?

Can you post this anonymously? Has anyone gotten pregnant on the nexplanon implant? I’m kinda worried that I could be & I feel like I’m paranoid


I’m curious as well as I am on the same birth control.

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I haven’t but the only way to know is to take a test. If it’s negative and you’re still worried call your doctor. Sometimes birth control can have side effects similar to pregnancy

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I am curious too. I have been showing signs like I did for my son.

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Yes! But my body rejects all birth control we found out. But I concieved my daughter on the nexplon implant n my son with the nexplon generic pill

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Yes many women got pregnant on it that’s why it’s no longer available in Canada

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What is the nexplon implant?? Sorry I’m from nz

Yes and it caused my first miscarriage. I had it in for a year

Nope and I had it 2x

I’m on my 4th implant and havent gotten pregnant :slightly_smiling_face:

My mum did with my brother

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I had it for a year and got pregnant twice without knowing until I miscarried both times .

I’m on my 4th one had implanon then when it changed to nexplanon for almost 12 years

this is my 2nd year on nexplanon ,i did some pregnancy test coz i’ve been feeling sick lately and im not sure if it’s positive coz the line is so blurry, please help!

I did. With twins. I begged to have it removed. No one would listen or see me, because “you can’t get pregnant on the nexplanon arm implant” I lost them both. Please see a doctor. Don’t wait.


I had it for 2 years and took it out and now 4 years later still can not get pregnant so I wish this was my issue :weary:

I never got pregnant on nexplanon, but it was truly the most horrible experience for me. My gyno told me last week she wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. It completely changed who I was as a person. I was mean and depressed all the time and seeing a therapist regularly. As soon as I was told it could be attributing, got it out. I felt like my old self again within days. Any chance I get, I tell people about my terrible experience with it just so others can avoid what I went through.

I’ve had it in for 2 years and no issues. Also no pregnancies :grin:

Faint or not if the line is there then you are positive. Definitely see a doctor when you can. Don’t panic. It’s not unheard of to get pregnant on birth control.

I got pregnant on implanon it is possible… see your gp nothing is 100% except abstinence