Has anyone gotten pregnant on the depo shot?

Hi! I was just wondering if anyone has actually gotten pregnant while on the depo shot. I’m going to call my doctor anyway and take a test anyway but just wanted to see if it is possible. I’ve had some super abnormal spotting, cramps, and extra tired.


I have never got pregnant on it. It CAN make you feel pregnant though.

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A friend had this happen, was a few days late on the shot and after receiving the shot found out she was pregnant. She ended up losing the baby.

My best friend did but only because she was taking an antibiotic at the time which caused the depo shot to become ineffective.

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If you’re new to the shot those things can happen until your body gets used to it. I was on it for 5 years; was sick for a week and missed one shot and got pregnant. But that’s because I missed a shot

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You can get pregnant on any form of birth control. None of them are 100%

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I got pregnant on it

I have a soon to be 6 year old in December.

My daughter is 23, only side effect i had with depo.


I got pregnant AFTER I had MY tubes tied… it happens but take a home test they’re still accurate


Yes, my friend’s daughter did

I got pregnant on it. I wasn’t taking antibiotics or anything either. My little girl is 3 now.

I did with my oldest

I did and so did my sister.

I did with my oldest

It happens to me once or twice a year. I think it’s from not having a regular cycle since on the shot

Yes. I was on it for 5 years. One day I just didn’t feel myself. Like my body felt off my husband (was BF at the time) said maybe you’re pregnant. And what do you know she’s now 4.

My 3rd is a depo baby. And for some reason I forgot this and am now back on the depo :joy::joy:

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I did … had three months left till i got my next shot and well … my wee one is now 3 years old !

And I passed this sac looking thing and some fatty tissue and my dr said it’s blood clots. :thinking: