Has anyone gotten pregnant on the depo?

Has anyone ever got pregnant on the depo shot? I’ve been on it for four months, and my appetite has been increased, and breast has been swollen and full feeling lately. These symptoms have recently started. Could it be from the shot?


Yep sure could be…that stuff messes with ur hormones


Yes absolutely ! Could be the wrong amount of hormones for you.

I know A LOT of people that get pregnant with the depo shot. My midwife refuses to give me one because of the hormonal change though so I have no input for that side as I’ve never had one. I’m going back on kyleena in april.

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I gained lots of weight while on it.

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Yes definitely the depo shot I’ve been on it for a year and I’m switching to something else

I got pregnant with my youngest while on birth control and I only had one ovary and one filopian tube at the time. It is a possibility.

Got pregnant twice on the depo🤦‍♀️

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No birth control is 100% effective but it sounds like it’s the hormones from the depo. I was on depo and had a lot of those same symptoms along with “breakthrough bleeding” which could also be associated with pregnancy

No not once been on since I was 15. Iam 40 now. Had went off to get pregnant. After that back on not once if you on at 3 months you shouldn’t be

Yep was on the depo my boy is nearly 4

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I was on it for 9 years… No babies

I got a depo shot after my 2nd son was born. Thy actually gave it to me before I left the hospital since I couldn’t breast freed. 3 months later I went for the second one and was pregnant with m 3rd son

Yes sure did. Depo, the shot norplant.

All 3 of my bonus kids, my neighbors kiddo, my sister and myself were all conceived on depo😬

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All Side effects of the shot. Also with effecting sex drive, weight gain, mood swings, headaches, and bone loss!
It really messes me up!

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Yep ,I now have child no.3 thanks to depo

Yep i did i also didnt have a period for 3 yrs i gain 50 lbs from the shot then one day i went for my shot the dr told me i was 8 wks pg no symptoms just went for a shot n before my shot i had my yrly exam and when she check she said nope i was 8 wks pg so she did alot of test to make sure my dauggter didnt have any defect from the shot cuz i got pg on it she was healthy i was the one who almost died from being pg

Unfortunately those are symptoms of both depo and pregnancy. I had to have a pregnancy test before every shot.

My cousin did 3 times