Has anyone gotten pregnant two months after a c-section?

Hi, could you ask the group if anyone has gotten pregnant two months after having a c section and their experiences with it?


Woa! That’s bad news bears!
I’ve had 4 c-sections.
You’re supposed to let your body heal for 2 years after a c-section before getting pregnant again.

Granted, I got pregnant with my second baby a little over a year after my first and everything was fine. In fact, she was my easiest pregnancy and smoothest c-section delivery. However, I got pregnant with my fourth a year and a half after my third and the scar tissue had grown so extensively that by 5 months I could barely walk the 30 feet to the first floor bathroom from my sitting/resting chair.

For the question at hand, I would be worried about rupturing or tearing open the healing incision if pregnant within two months of a c-section. My advice is to speak with an OBGYN doctor or mid-wife as soon as possible!

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I had a freind that this happened to she went through with the pregnancy she was just on bed rest the whole pregnancy. She was also only 4’11" I don’t know if that had anything to do with it…

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I did. My littlest ones are 11.5 months apart and both were born via c-section. My pregnancy was normal and went well and so did the c-section. I feel like I recovered much faster than I did the first time.

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I got pregnant 2 months after my 4th c-section. My external incision had split open and was healing still as I was growing another human inside already. I survived but I definitely took it easy and was scared to death the whole time

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My mum did, she had my brother threw c-section the 1st jan then fell pregnant near enough straight away and my other brother was born decemeber the same year :woman_facepalming:t4:


my first and second where three years apart after my second i got pregnant with my third 9 months after then had my third and got pregnant 8 months later with my fourth it took a toll on my body lots of scar tissue but babys where all healthy and they still are they are now 7 4 2 and 1

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Yes i got pregnant 6 weeks after had healthy 8 pound baby and then 2 more c sections within 4 years!:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

My sister knew another teacher that lost her baby that way. I was told to wait a year to heal before getting pregnant again because otherwise problems can arise.

Ouch. Bed rest and lots of monitoring. I haven’t heard great stories but I have heard some good!

You’re supposed to wait 6 weeks to have sex, so no I definitely did not. I was paranoid about healing.
Hopefully you’re healed enough when baby starts to grow, or that can be super duper dangerous for you. Your uterus will be so thin.

I wish you the best. Good luck.

Yes I did, I had a csection in February, fell pregnant 8 weeks later… bub arrived 8 weeks early, not sure if it’s because my body didn’t have time to heal but I ended up having 2 csections in one year, my second was born in dec

Mine are around 4 days shy of 13m apart. My first was a csection

Did no problems her …actually had a nb 3 yr old 4yr old and 5yr old

I got pregnant about 2m after my c-section. Still carrying baby number 2.

I did, right about 2&1/2m postpartum. It’s been a rough pregnancy. Mentally and physically. Definitely don’t recommend. This is a birth control baby and I definitely was not planning to get pregnant so soon.

There’s a year gap between my daughter and my current pregnancy ’ I’ll be welcoming my boy in April via c section

Research shows that getting pregnant less than six months after a C-section can increase your risk of complications, such as ruptured uterus or a low birth weight baby.


yes i did… i had an emergency section, and while healing i over did it, and opened my incision 4 weeks later, then got pregnant again straight away and had a second section,
everything went fine, my scar/incision was about tender as my belly was growning and did get a small bit sore towards the end, but all in all no complications…
if you would like to mail me, id happily try answer any questions you have, if i can…

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I believe I was 6 months after mine. Went on with a perfectly fine pregnancy, easy vaginal birth too

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