Has anyone gotten pregnanty while on birth control?

Has anyone ever got pregnant while on birth control? If so, which type and was there any effects on the pregnancy.


I got pregnant with twins on the depo injection x

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My daughter got pregnant on the nuva ring… granddaughter is 2 and perfectly healthy

Son on depo and daughter on the pill. 11 and 2 perfectly healthy

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No birth control is 100%

I got pregnant after 6 months of being on the nuva ring. Baby is due on 11/4. He’s healthy so far.

I got pregnant on the pill my baby is now 9 and healthy

Pill, then Nuva Ring, then depo shot… :joy::joy: 3 happy healthy boys. Next step is to tie my tubes :joy:


I got pregnant on the loestrin birth control pill. It was 12 years ago and I did miss 1 pill but I had never missed a pill in 15 years. One pill forgotten and I was pregnant immediately. Dr said it was very rare for it to happen like that because I had never missed a pill and the hormones were in my body and should have prevented the pregnancy. I had an ok pregnancy until about 29 weeks, developed high blood pressure, put on bed rest, continually got worse, developed pre eclampsia, eclampsia and into HELLP syndrome. I had to have an emergency c section at 31 and 3. We spent 37 days in the NICU. Happy healthy 11 year old now. No one knows why I developed HELLP syndrome but my son and I nearly died. Definitely not saying it’s because of being on the pill, just a fluke thing destined to be my birth story.

Got pregnant on the pill, my son is 2 and healthy

Both times. Once on patch and second on pill. Both kids healthy.

Depo no complications, the pill and had a miscarriage

Yep. Got pregnant while on nuva ring. Due in January, baby is healthy.

Depo failed me twice

Got pregnant with my first on the pill. Hes perfectly healthy. Got pregnant with my second on depo. She’s perfectly healthy. Got pregnant with my third on Mirena, she’s perfectly healthy.

Has anyone gotten pregnant with skyla IUD?

was on the depo failed twice… healthy pregnancies, both healthy babies they are currently 15 & 13 no complications other than teenage attitudes :unamused::laughing:

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Evra patch ( she was good!!) She’s now 6! and IUD I did end up misscarring at 10-12 weeks. ( Was about 4 years ago)

Yes but I can’t recall what it was called but my doctor said she got pregnant on the same one.

Yes, the pill is not 99% effective