Has anyone had a baby with an umbillical hernia?

Has anyone had a baby that has an umbilical hernia? Also has anyone has a baby that has been constipated no matter what they changed for them or done for them.


Both mine did. Even got mri to be sure no blockage. Just after burping do bike like motions or tummy massage to help. And while pooping do them. Also gas meds and probiotic pending age of little one

My youngest was in the NICU for 40 days ( she was a 30 weeker), no hernia but she struggles with constipation. She is now 4 and we still say she only poops on Saturdays. For the first 2 years, the doctors had her on miralax and benefiber in increasing increments. It helped a bit. After she was big enough to talk to me, we stopped the additives but she very rarely has a bowel movement. Doesn’t really seem to bother her.

Yes to both. Umbilical hernia usually heals on its own. As for constipation it can be several things. Is baby on iron fortified formula? Is bottle or milk being warmed. This can be a causes. Best thing i found to help was a 1/4 teaspoon of karo syrup in the milk once or twice a day until movement starts. Dr. was the one who suggested this. It usually works.

My son was born with one. We found out when he was in 2nd grade. The surgery was very simple, just required pulling it back with Mesh. He is 21 now, and has had no complaints from it. I hope this helps.

My son had an umbilical hernia and it healed itself like our doctor said it would. He is almost 4 now and perfectly healthy. Prayers for your baby. :heart:

I was born with an umbilical hernia.
My parents and I had no clue until I was pregnant with my 4th child. It was more painful the last 3 months then giving birth to her​:joy::joy::joy::joy:

I never knew of issues but who knows.

My 4mos old daughter popped one at 33000 ft on a plane when she arched her back, I freaked out, called her pediatrician, he chuckled, I was crying and had the flight attendants worried, she is 30 now and fine without surgery.

Probiotics made it to where we could stop using miralax. They even have baby cereal with it included now. Perfectly safe and very helpful

My son did. Ended up healing itself by time he turned 1.

One of my son’s had one and the doc taped a quarter to it and said to leave it there till he said otherwise ( we of course redid it every time he was bathed ) and it healed just fine.

My son had both. His hernia healed on it own. Once my son turned 1. His doctor put him on lactose free milk. No more constipation. He has a milk lactose intelligence. But not a milk allergy.

My daughter did and it healed on its own in a few months. It’s pretty common because the stomach muscles aren’t together properly in order for the umbilical cord to go in. That’s what we were told anyway.

My 28 weeker had an umbilical hernia. It healed itself by the time he was 6 months

My daughter had a pretty big one also. Hers corrected around 1 1/2.

1 oz of prune juice added to 1 bottle a day :slight_smile:

Miralax and/or probiotics make a world of difference.

My son did, it wasn’t real bad. No surgery needed on his. Now he has an outie belly button.

My son had one and felt better after surgery

My boy did and had surgery