Has anyone had a child put under for dental work?

My son has surgery for his mouth on the 28th because he chipped a tooth down to the nerve, and they have to put him completely under. He’s 22 months old. I was wondering if anyone has had experience with this. I am very nervous about it. He also has to get a COVID test on the 25th before he can get the surgery, which I’m scared its going to be a traumatizing experience for him. Any encouraging words or some of your experiences would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


I thought babies under 3 cant get covid tests

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My son was 4 and had to be put under for dental surgery. It went well for us. As far as the COVID test, I’m not sure what’s available where you are but I know someone who had the test done yesterday and he said they don’t shove it all the way up your nose anymore, so there’s that.

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Yes I had to for my 3 year old because she’s not 30lbs…i was scared I cried i prayed and she came out fine…the dental assistant txt me every move they made and let me know her vitals and helped me to relax…my daughter needed her whole mouth done so I had no choice…


My son was put under. Did not have any issues

My son was 2 when he was put to sleep for dental … he was fine but I wasn’t I was crying… and also when he woke up it was hard i cried with him.

My daughter had a similar problem at about that same age. Although Covid wasn’t a thing then. But as far as being put under everything went fine. When she came out of it she alternated between being kind of fussy and confused to laughing. She spent a good bit of the day sleeping it off and was back to normal by the next day.

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I did it for my daughter when she was 2 it was really sad but she wasn’t traumatized or anything … she still loves going to the dentist

My son was put under for dental work when he was 2 or 3. He did fine. We just had to watch him after to make sure he didn’t bite the inside of his mouth.

My daughter was put under at 8monthd old to get an audio gram done to test her hearing for her hearing aids, then again at 3 to see what was causing the hearing loss it’s definitely scary but just know it’s for their benefit to get done what needs to, so they are no longer suffering.

My daughter was put under at 3 for dental work. We had no issues at all. They were super quick and let us sit with her in recovery, even gave us a private room. Hope all goes well!!

My daughter was put under when she was two and I also work in an office where kids with extensive dental work are put under all the time.
My daughters surgery went well, she doesn’t even remember having it and she doesn’t mind going to the dentist for checkups and cleanings.
It goes well, everything is monitored and anesthesiologist is usually there to keep an eye on things. These dentists undergo years of school and training to do these surgeries so I wouldn’t worry much but just like with any other surgery it’s typical to be nervous. Good luck mama!

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Had my daughter knocked out at 3 for dental work. She did great and the team was excellent at keeping me posted while she was under. I asked for updates as often as they could. They obliged!

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I am in the same boat. My two year old is having dental surgery September 9 and has to have a covid test! I look at the covid test as a precautionary measure. If they did happen to have it, their little bodies wouldn’t be able to heal properly. Better safe than sorry. I don’t know if this comforts you, but it did me a little. Prayers for you and your baby. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Hi i had surgery last thurs and had covid test before surgery its not that bad tbh a quick sweep of the throat and run round the back of the nostrils …to answer your other question my 9yr olds on the list for dental surgery

Mine hasn’t had dental work but he’s 8 months old and had to get t he Covid test before having heart surgery last month. I was worried about it too but it wasn’t that bad at all. Just like the flu test. They just stuck the swab in and out real quick, not like any of the horror stories I’ve been seeing going around fb. He cried but mostly bc he doesn’t like being held down.

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Both my kids went through dental work at 2 yrs old. They were fine thank God. They chilled for 2 hrs after the procedure but were fine the rest fo the day. They advice you to not let them climb and play too rough or outside for the rest of the day but its gonna be fine. Both procedures lasted no more than 1 hr.

My daughter had surgery to get princess teeth and she did great…my friend son had same thing done great everything should be just fine! Prayers for ur son & u :slight_smile:

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My grandson, the dentist put him under and did all the work that needed to be done. He did well

Most Covid tests should not be invasive and they were in the begining and all 3 of my kids have underwent iv sedation for dental needs. There is nothing to worry about they will be out of it for rest of day and back to them selves the next day