Has anyone had a sub hemorrhage in pregnancy and carry to term?

So I found out I was pregnant two weeks ago. VERY good thing. My fiance and I had been trying since April, and this is my 2nd (I miscarried at roughly four weeks in 2018), But anyway, I went in for my first appointment this morning. I’m measuring at five weeks six days, which is earlier than I thought lol, but I got to see my baby and hear the heartbeat, so it felt pretty good. But I’m posting right now because they said that I have a hemorrhage, and she just explained what caused it and told me that it was nothing to worry about. Well now I’m laying in bed and looked it up and found out that it’s a sub hemorrhage (she didn’t say what it was actually called) and usually goes away on its own (just like she told me) but there have been lots of women who have said they had it burst and ended up miscarrying, some said they had it burst and was put on bed rest for remainder of pregnancy, and some said it went away on its own within a couple of weeks, etc. I’m just wondering what experiences you all have had if you had one of these. Like, what can I do best in my power to prevent it, aside from bleeding, is there any signs I should look out for if it bursts? How did you end up after it burst or if you had one, how long did it take to go away? I know I’m early, and there’s always that chance something could happen, but I’m just trying to learn everything I can because I miscarried before, and it was extremely hard on me even tho I only knew for two days and wasn’t even trying at all. I work part-time at sonic and the aside from moving a lot like making drinks or whatnot (I stand at window slot for the most part) I fill big buckets of ice to dump in the ice trays and I don’t know how heavy but its a bucket about 2 feet tall with a handle that I fill up with ice, and sometimes it can be a tiny, tiny struggle to lift (I’m a strong women) if I’ve been doing a lot already but should I tell my manager I can’t do that to be safe or should it still be okay? I just need some help and any info you all have because the lady at OB didn’t give me much. Aside from part-time at sonic, I just stayed at home and lay down like 80% of the time aside from cleaning or cooking. Thank you in advance for any help


Id get a second opinion. I never heard of that. I hope someone can give you answers asap

I had one and found out due to heavy bleeding. My daughter is 2 now. It went away on its own a few months later.

I did. They found it at my first ultrasound. Said the word is a lot more scary than what it was. Said it was possible for me to have some bleeding. Never had and bleeding and my son was born 11/6 :blush: trust your dr

I had one and I am holding my 6 week old right now. They are very common in IVF pregnancies and most have no issues. It looks and sounds scarier than it is.

I had one during my current pregnancy. It went away on its own.

I have one now. I am 17 weeks pregnant and have bleed everything single day and no signs of it stopping. They had my on bed rest but since it didnt help the bleeding she said there is no point on being bed rest. And now i have complete placenta previa which is also causing me to bleed as well

I had one with my son, and sadly mine ended with a miscarriage. However, I was also under a LOT of stress with him, due to his father (who im no longer with now) and that had a LOT to do with it as well. But ive know several women who have had it and carried to term and their babies are healthy as can be. My advice is just to take it easy, stay off the internet, and keep yourself as calm as you can. :grin:

I did with my first at 6 weeks and then by 22 weeks it was gone. He was 8 days late

I had one and was bleeding large clots went to the ER and found out what it was and I was around around 6-8 weeks, went away by 11-12 weeks and was no longer seen on the ultrasound. My son is 2 now and I was induced 5 days early (39 weeks 2 days)No problems.

I had one. She said i had a hematoma and then it turned into a placental abruption. I carried to 33+5. But my placenta was taking from her so they took her early. I was worried but my doctor absolutely wasnt.

I had one and 2 placental lakes. Lots of monitoring for growth and delivered a 9 pound baby. He’s 15 months now

I had one with two pregnancies. Those babies are 8 and 20 yrs old now…my only major issue was heavy bleeding off and on for a few months or so… Id absolutely take it easy though and stop lifting the buckets of ice.

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I has 2 subchorionic hemorrhaging at 12 weeks (one on each side of the placenta) and I am now at 21 weeks and 2 days, and everything is just fine, I do have an anterior placenta so I do still have to take things easy… when i had the subchorionic hemorrhaging it took a few weeks to heal and I had to be pretty much on bed rest, but sure enough it resolved on it’s own.

For me it didn’t burst, but I was put on bed rest. I went into labor a week early, healthy baby. Did you talk to your doctor about the lifting of ice? Seems like something you should avoid.

I had one and carried to term. 38 weeks.

I have one or did too. And I’m 5 months pregnant now. I bled 3 times in the beginning. But she’s strong and is healthy. So you can carry and deliver

I had a subchornic hemerage with my daughter bled from 6weeks-21 weeks very horrible heavy bleeding. But my daughter went to term and she is healthy :two_hearts:

Don’t pick up the ice bucket at all. No heavy lifting. No sex as little stress on you as possible

I had one. They found out during my first ultrasound which was also at 6 weeks. I was on medication and complete bed rest. Ultrasound done every 2 weeks. But the bleed is still there but decreasing. This went on for almost 3 months. Then it cleared up. My baby is 19months old now.