Has anyone had a tubal pregnancy?

I would like to know if anyone has had a tubal pregnancy and what their story was like about conceiving. Been trying now for 3 yrs or so and still have had no luck.


I had a tubal in January of 2011, I then conceived again in October of 2011

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I had one in 2012. My dr ignored me. I lost my tube and was bleeding internally. I conceived again 9 months later

I had a tubal in august of 2018, I was pregnant again by December. My baby is now almost 11 months old.

I had a tubal pregnancy in 2012 and had my son in 2016 but I wasn’t trying. If you’ve been trying for a year or more talk to your obgyn so they can run tests

I had a tubal October 30 of 2014 (Lost the tube and had severe internal bleeding.) Got pregnant and welcomed a perfect little baby boy October 30, 2015. Not even trying anymore, I am due in 2 weeks. I know lots of people who had ectopics, and were successful in having a baby after.

I had a tubal in jan 2018. On dec 31(my wedding day) literally right as I was walking down the aisle I started bleeding had no clue. On the 13th I got the methotrexate shot and it didnt work. On the 26th I was rushed to emergency surgery due to it rupturing. I had 3lbs of blood in my abdomen and they removed my right tube. It was scary. 5 months later (july 1st) I found out I was pregnant again. There was a sub chronic hemorrhage next to the baby. It went away within a month…then a subchlorical cyst formed on brain and it also went away within a month. After that I had no problems. I delivered so quick and easy I actually asked them to keep me an extra day because they wanted to discharge me after 24 hours I said no lol anyways. I’m currently on depo and after this next shot were stopping to try again!

Yeah I had my ectopic last year. Had the right tube removed because it burst and I almost died… worst experience of my.life and haven’t been able to conceive since. Took 4 years to conceive that one.

I had a tubal pregnancy in June 2011. I was 19 and required extensive emergency surgery because my tube bust and I bled internally. However, in September 2011 I got pregnant, November 2012 got pregnant, and November 2014 got pregnant. They were all births and no complications.

I had an ectopic in 2015 and conceived in 2017 and he’s about to be three.

Its not impossible to conceive after a tubal but it can take longer and intervention may be necessary to achieve pregnancy. I would go to a doctor who specializes in infertility. My guess is they need to make sure your tubes are clear. The test is relatively easy if not a little uncomfortable depending on your pain tolerance.

Pain was worse than labor!

Had a tubal pregnancy, had to have a methotrexate shot. It’s been over a year since and still not pregnant yet.

Are you trying to have a tubal pregnancy???

I did. I had an ectopic in 2015 and we tried for 3 years before getting pregnant in 2018 and having our little girl in 2019. It was a very long and very hard journey for me emotionally. Every negative test broke another piece of my heart… I was terrified when I did get pregnant because I didn’t want to have another ectopic… She was there and she was healthy and now she’s a wild one year old… Don’t give up just yet and never lose hope❤️