Has anyone had a tubal while pregnant?

I had a tubal ligation done and apparently got pregnant 4-5 days before my surgery… doctor didn’t do a pregnancy test the day of my surgery still had it done… anyone has ever experienced this? Currently, 5 months pregnant.


Omg, that is so scary!

They are definitely supposed to test you before doing it.


Well that’s a law suit …


Oh wow! I thought they were supposed to give a pregnancy test before giving any birth control or doing any kind of surgery. :scream:


Most tests won’t pick it up even at hospitals until 2-3 weeks so they probably had no way of knowing


Definitely start a lawsuit!!!

I had a tubal ligation 2.5 years ago, I had a hysterectomy done 3 weeks ago, AND they still did a pregnancy test before my hysterectomy. That’s insane!!

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4-5 days post conception wouldn’t even register on any test…


They have to do a pregnancy test before every surgery. You got a lawsuit darling

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If they did any blood draws or urine samples that day they may have tested but that’s to early for it to register on tests,


Wow, that was irresponsible of your doctor. Id sue

I believe you are supposed to be abstinent for 6 weeks… my friend had this happen before surgery bit her dr did a test she now has a 5 year old boy. He was a unexpected gift from God


Even if they would have tested four to five days isn’t going to show up


4-5 days preggo? It wouldn’t even register and yes they do bloodwork before your surgery. Its usually done 24-48 hrs prior to surgery.


A pregnancy doesn’t register on blood or urine tests that early. There was no way for them to know. You are supposed to abstain or use protection before the procedure.


Omg please contact an attorney right away!! I pray for you and your baby! :purple_heart::pray:

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I would think I don’t know for sure but I would think that it wouldn’t affect the baby in any way shape or form since the baby was already in the uterus when you had your tubes tied. Just as a caution if you did not have your tubes tide cut and burnt there is a chance that they could grow back and you could get pregnant again

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The only thing is I would be worried about the effects of the medication and how they affected your developing baby

Every single one of you saying she has a lawsuit. No. She doesn’t.
She either didn’t speak up, which is her fault, or told the dr “no there’s no possibility”
She could have said “I had unprotected sex 5 days ago (implantation wouldn’t have occurred and you wouldn’t have tested positive anyway 5 days post conception)


I doubt this is lawsuit worthy as some are saying. A urine test may have not shown that early & if you lied and said you were abstinent for the six weeks that’s not on them. They should however require blood tests since patients often do this.
Aside from that I would say seek out a doctor for Information regarding pregnancy with tubal litigation