Has anyone had COVID while pregnant?

Has anyone been pregnant and had the coronavirus?


Not a question to be asking on social media, this needs to be answered by real professionals. As everyone has different stories and you are just gonna freak yourself out.

For example, a woman in BC doesn’t even know she’s had her child because she’s in a coma from covid… now get off social media with this question.

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My cousin had it a month before she delivered her baby she is fine but everyone Is different.

Yes I had it while I was pregnant

I did back in February into March it was absolutely horrible

One of my friends did. She said it was like a sinus infection for her and it didn’t really bother her. Besides being stuffy she said she didn’t have any other symptoms

My doctor said that the flu is more dangerous than COVID… because i was worried as well. It was reassuring.

I’m 7 months pregnant & currently have it. It’s horrible :disappointed:

:raising_hand_woman:t2: 22 weeks and have it…along with pneumonia

They say I’m positive. I went last week to the ER because my heart was racing, I felt dizzy, and I couldn’t keep anything down. I honestly just thought it was my blood sugar being low and went to IV hydration.
They tested me and told me they thought I had it. I was in bed Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. My body hurt. I had a horrible headache. I felt weak. I had no respiratory symptoms.
I got retested Sunday to see if it was really positive or a false positive. Still waiting on results.
I read a lot of pregnant women are asymptotic. My OB told me if I really am positive I should be fine. I’m 14 weeks

Had it when I was 5 months pregnant, mostly cold symptoms for me. My little man was delivered healthy


Had it at around 33 weeks. Was pretty drained first few days, no fever though. Lost my sense of smell and taste for about a month. Delivered a healthy baby girl on 8/10.


Had it at like 3 weeks to 7 weeks pregnant, healthy pregnancy and delivery, except had gestational diabetes… had major symptoms of cough, fever of 102-104, congestion, loss of voice… doctors said it was upper respiratory infection, strept throat, and pneumonia at once, but gave me the option to take off work or not, which I chose not to do… this was September 21st to October 8th 2019…

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Good to read. I don’t have covid and I’m about 18 weeks soon here. I’m nervous about my due date


My friend had it while pregnant. She is fine now.

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My sister did. She’s also a nurse on the covid floor at a hospital. She is fine now too

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My friend did was on a ventilator passed it to the baby . The baby was delivered but neither made it😔


38 week pregnant and a nurse just got over my quarantine I’m doing fine and so is baby


I’m 15 weeks and currently have it

I did and didn’t have any symptoms would not have even known if it wasn’t for me having to have a test before I had a c section.