Has anyone had issues with HCG not rising and still had a healthy baby?

So I am about five weeks pregnant, not exactly sure, but I’ve been spotting and having cramps for five days I went to the er two times in the past week. My HCG levels are not rising as they should I get tested every two days the last time I was tested; it was at 901, and 2 days later, it should have doubled but only went to 1030. I had a miscarriage last November, and I don’t want to lose this one too. Has anyone had a problem with the HCG levels and still gave birth to a healthy baby?


You should’ve given your body some time to rest …miscarriage cause a lot of damage to a woman’s body and its takes time to heal and reconstruct…i hope nothing goes wrong and you give birth to a beautiful healthy babyboy/babygirl , stay strong Momma Bear❤

Ask your doctor for an ultrasound or ask The Ithaca Pregnancy center about their free ultrasound. As a momma to 3 heaven born babies and 4 healthy boys, it’s better to “think happy thoughts” until you get that 8 week appointment. Stressing yourself out can produce the results you are fearing. Prayers for a safe & healthy pregnancy.

Yes mine doubled at 5 weeks and 2d then dropped a little then rose again slightly then dropped from there. My pregnancy was Hetrotopic (twins) I had one viable measuring 5w & 2d. One in my right Fallopian tube (ectopic) but because I didn’t get my surgery because of covid I lost my viable one :two_hearts: my most recent loss this was!

I’ve had 5 miscarriages in a row, all early stages between 2018-2020. apart from a live birth in 2018 at 16 weeks. (Twins again). And each time I’ve had my hcg levels monitored and none of them turned out viable x

I’ve miscarried at 13 wks. I’m sorry I don’t have any advice, but I am sending good vibes your way and hoping you have a healthy pregnancy

I had that issue as well, I’m 21 weeks now and everything is progressing perfect.

Yup, I was told that my pregnancy was ectopic since my levels were barely rising. I was given the speech on having to terminate and I told my OB that nobody was touching me until I was given an ultrasound. So they gave me an ultrasound and my pregnancy was not ectopic.
4 weeks ago I gave birth to a beautiful healthy baby girl, she was tiny, only 5lbs but completely healthy.

This is how my miscarriage went numbers went up 4 days …blood every 2 days and the 3rd blood draw numbers down bleed and 4 days later my counts were 0…

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I had this happen. I was carrying twins and miscarried one after 10 days of nonstop bleeding, thought we lost entire pregnancy but ultrasound showed one fetus and by the time we realized baby was 11 weeks! I hope things work out for you! :heart:


It sounds like the pregnancy is likely not viable. I’m sorry you’ve already been through this. Losses are so hard.


Yes mine wasnt rising fast either but i didnt have spotting or much cramping they thought i would lose it and didnt and now im 5months roughly

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This is how my ectopic pregnancy was. :broken_heart:

My hcg wasn’t detected until I was 20 weeks pregnant and only reason I found out was cause I took a test and it came out positive then that same night I ended up in the Er with massive blood loss the tech on duty was a newbie told me I miscarried a week went by I didn’t feel right went to my primary he did an ultrasound found out that day I was 20 weeks with my son n what had happened was a “vanishing twin” so basically I was pregnant with twins but lost one and I had complications the rest of the pregnancy severe morning sickness in and out of hospital with contractions got put on bed rest and medications to stop contractions doctor took me off meds when I was 34 weeks 6 days cause I had passed out from the meds and I told him I won’t make it until 40 weeks N I was right my water broke at 2 am at 35 weeks and my son was born 18 hours later (16 without any medication n was told either epidural or emergency c section I opt for epidural 2 hours later he was born) he weighed 5 lbs 7.7 oz.

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The best thing you can do for yourself and baby is not stress. My HCG was rising low in the early stages of my pregnancy (4-5weeks) and it all evened out.

I had a miscarriage last year. I started spotting went to the hospital. They said either I was miscarrying or I was wrong about how far long I was, because if I was five weeks they couldn’t find the baby’s heart beat. They did follow up and my numbers were not increasing. :sob: still makes me so sad and upset. I’m praying I will still be able to have another

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I experienced the same at the start my first full term pregnancy, I had to be rushed in for blood work and and internal ultrasounds because they were sure that after I began experiencing cramping and spotting. My blood work showed that my hcg level was much lower than it should have been, but luckily my ultrasound showed a heartbeat. I had a difficult pregnancy with complications, but a healthy little girl in the end.

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I did but I was breast-feeding at the time and I stopped after that my levels got higher. I stopped bleeding and cramping. I have miscarried in the past also. If I were you I wouldn’t look anything up or read anything about it I would just try to enjoy your time and relax as much as possible this will only stress you out more and you don’t want that! Relax and eat healthy drink water and pray baby grows! :love_letter:

Yes. Doc said it was definitely going to be a miscarriage. Said I could wait it out or do D&C. I told him it will have to happen on its own. As I was leaving the ultrasound tech asked the Dr. if I could have another ultrasound. There was my baby and her heartbeat on the screen. She’s a happy healthy full term 7 year old now.


I had spotting at 7 to 10 weeks. My levels were low and I had Previa. We had tried for years to even get pregnant and I was so afraid I was going to miscarry after all that time. My doctor gave me some I believe it was progesterone medicine to take but told me that if I began to miscarry, there was nothing they could do. There was a lot of crying, a lot of worrying and a whole lot of praying.
My son is now nine years old and is having a nerf gun war with his father as we speak. He is our miracle child and we never take that for granted.


I had severe probs with that and other hormones have them check all your hormone levels and don’t give up!! I was told I wouldn’t carry any babies and I have 3 beautiful children I needed hormone therapy for 6-8. Weeks during pregnancy to successfully carry. Get a 2nd opinion if necessary. And most of all rest rest rest so you can carry your little angel. Good luck to you