Has anyone had issues with parent's choice wipes?

Has anyone else had problems with Pamper’s “sensitive” wipes? I normally used Parents Choice and ran out, so I used a pack of the Pampers brand. After using them, my LO has a rash. I looked up the pampers and found out they have 4-dioxane, which is a skin irritant and possible carcinogen. I feel terrible! She’s 4mo and hasn’t a rash until now. Does anyone else have any problems with these wipes? I haven’t changed my diet or given her anything new, so it’s the only thing I can think of that could’ve caused it


We had the same problem and switched our LO to Luvs

I had nothing but issues with all pamper products and switched to huggies wipes and diapers

I couldn’t use the pampers or Higgies wipes. They caused major rashes in both young children :disappointed: I only use Kirkland brand now ( Costco )

Never had good luck with Luvs or Pampers. Always used Huggies

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Every baby reacts differently to different types of wipes. Huggies was the only kind I ever used on my son. The rest were all crap. Parents choice, luvs, and Pampers are too thin.

We used to use pampers everything until my son who was a newborn at the time got rashes then we switched to parents choice.

I love parents choice.

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I only use target up&up sensitive wipes. They’re all cotton. They’re so soft. They collide so well on the bottom of babies. I’ve tried every wipe out there & this is the only one sensitive enough in every element for my son. He’s so sensitive to textures on his skin as well as scents. It’s also so gentle that I can use them on his eczema skin.

I love huggies products

It depends on the child. Never had a problem with Pampers or Parents Choice. Big issues with Huggies. Just find what works for each child.

Well that was a bit misleading with the first two questions being completely different, lol. I thought it was gonna be a problem with parents choice :joy:. I always use parents choice on my son and daughter, but my daughters dad uses pampers on our daughter. Son couldn’t do luv diapers and desityn cream without it bugging his skin, daughter just seems to get random rashes from them hardcore teething poops.

I normally use pampers sensitive or pampers baby fresh for my now 2 year old and never have had issues. Only time she breaks out in bad rash is times I’ve tried switching diaper brands or when she has bad diarrhea for days. I’m due with her sister any week now and will use same stuff on her if possible. I already have a bunch of newborn pampers swaddlers for her.

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My daughter was allergic to them

Every baby reacts differently. I use Parents choice wipes and Pampers diapers. She’s been fine with both.

Each kids skin will react to things differently my kid was a huggies and pampers baby with no issues but he had a horrible reaction to targets up&up diapers he got hives in actual shape of diaper… Just gotta stay on top of what your littles skin reacts to and avoid it same as you would a food allergy

I never had an issue when i used them with my 1st. They used pampers sensitive in the NICU with my second and didnt have an issue. I go between up&up and parents choice though

Huggies natural care wipes is what I have always used and Aldis sales some that are very similar.

My baby has to use huggies brand, any other brand gives him a diaper rash… :confused: so just go back to what he/she used before…

Seventh Generation wipes are my absolute favorite.