Has anyone had negative pregnancy tests but was actually pregnant?

I am 3 weeks late on my expected period. (Next expected period is next week) I am taking pregnancy tests, but they are all negative, I’ve taken multiple, and I’ve also used separate brands. I am calling my dr. Tomorrow. But has anyone experienced a negative test but then found out that they were pregnant?


With my first pregnancy I had tests come back negative. I got a positive at 11 weeks

In the same predicament now
My periods late, but no symptoms

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I was over a month late and was getting negative tests.

I have a friend had took tests for a months and never got a positive. Went to the Dr trying to figure it all out and sure enough was pregnant.

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Yes ma’am with both my pregnancies

A good friend of mine was this way! Tested negative for almost 8 weeks until doc confirmed

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Yes ma’am me! I had three negative test and had three normal periods all while being pregnant.

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I didn’t get a Positive till 14 weeks! Was told I had a hernia and that’s what was making me so sick.

Yep had negative and was pregnant

My best friend’s mom said home tests were negative for her with both of her pregnancies and they had to get blood tests done. My first pregnancy I got a “negative” result on a home test but the doctors office urine test worked and it was confirmed. I was one day shy of being 12 weeks pregnant at that point, according to the ultrasound they did for confirmation.

Yes my first test was negative then I waited and did another test and that was positive at 5 weeks
I didnt even know I was pregnant until my partner said you look pregnant and went home to do test .

I had a friend that this happened to and she ended up having a dangerous ectopic pregnancy. Please call your doctor. Better safe than sorry.

Talk to your doctor. There are other reasons for a missed period besides pregnancy.


I was 2 months pregnant and still getting negative tests until I went to my doctor🥰

Yes generally I have to miss 2 before testing positive

Yes. Took 18 days to show up positive!

My friend tested negative at home multiple times and then went and seen a doctor and they confirmed she was pregnant

I had negative tests and never was pregnant. My period is never late except that one time. Went to the doctor had bloodwork done. All negative. Had a normal period too.

Yesss girl! I took a test with my first it came back negative! A week later I got a positive! They estimated I was already 7 weeks along ! :slightly_smiling_face: