Has anyone had negative reactions after having mirena removed?

Has anyone had any negative side effects from their Mirena being removed? Mine is due to be removed next August, and I’m not sure if I want a new one right away. But I’m also curious as to if anyone has any side effects from removal. What do you guys think?

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Mirena crash… look it up.

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I hate mine I been looking to get it out as well

Love mine. I’m only my 2nd now. After I got my last one removed to have my 2nd the first month was I was over the top emotional. All over the map. Then I was fine

Other than having an early miscarriage 3 months after removal I had no other side affects after my removal. I had it from 2008-2013.

I had an issue. I ended up having to have a D & C and blood transfusion afterwards because I bled for weeks after and lost so much blood. It was awful. I didn’t have a period the entire time I had the Mirena but didn’t think anything of it then this happened. Never again.

I’m on my 2nd and having it removed next month and doing the 10 year. Not one single issue.

Due to my severely anteverted uterus and a shortened string due to a procedure I’d had done, it took several doctors and nurses to find it and get it out, but I had no other issues. I was pregnant within 6 months of removal and the pregnancy was healthier than my first.

My daughter had 2 miscarriages from it

I loved mine when I had it and never had any issues from having it removed. I didn’t have a period the whole time I was on it either.

I had mine removed and it was like I hadn’t had a period in YEARS. Sorry, TMI, but it was the heaviest period I’ve ever had and it lasted around two weeks. After that, things calmed down, and 4 months later I became pregnant with my youngest son. :blush:

Yes my cycles were hell for about 6 months made my cramps worse and caused heavier bleeding then before. My health went down hill. And I swear that’s what brought on my fibromyalgia that crap traumatized my body.

I’ve had a Mirena for a combined 15+ years. I had it removed 8 years ago to have another baby. Zero side effects and got pregnant within 3 months of removal.
I did start getting my period again though, if you consider that a side effect.

I had mine removed and replaced at the same appointment, have had my second one for 2 1/2 yrs now, first one was almost 6 years, zero complications, I didnt even spot after having it replaced but I also havent bled since about 6 months of having the first one inserted. Felt the same as a pap smear to me.

I have my 3rd one now and never had any issues with it.

Look up “Mirena crash” on google.
It can be really tough for some people as your body adjusts to being without it.