Has anyone had this screening?

I am 41 and going in for the genetic screening bloodwork and nuchal translucency ultrasound. I was told that there is a chance of the results being positive because the percentages used with 35±year-old mums are different. Have any of you had this? What was the outcome?


Please know that it’s not always 100% accurate so if you do come out positive make sure you have them back it up with other testing. I had a friend who thought her son had downs and he didn’t.

I just did the blood work and the ultrasound at a specialist. It was nerve wracking to wait but thankfully all results came back good!

This is just a protocol for all mothers over the age of 35. There is always a chance with every woman, but there is an increased risk with “older” mothers. Most of the time they come back normal, but of course there is always a chance.

I had a baby at 40 and had the ultrasound and bloodwork done. All was good and that baby is now a healthy, happy 8 year old.

I just had my daughter at 34, screening came back negative, and she’s a happy healthy almost 5 month old! I also liked that it determined gender before the anatomical ultrasound could.

It was offered to me and i was 32 but we refused. It was offered to my mom and she was 39 and she also refused

I’m 28 and they offer that for everyone that comes in pregnant where I am going.

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I’m 28 and It can back high risk for trisomy 21 with the panorma blood test. 90 percent likelyhood. Age is an increasing risk for abnormalities but they also happen at random

If this is the NIPT, then I did this even though I was in my early 30s when I had my first. But I did get a false positive due to us using donor eggs as the specific test we did (I believe it was not harmony but the other one) thought the other set of DNA was due to a genetic abnormality. I was sent to children’s to meet with a counsellor and do another blood test which determined that baby was perfectly healthy!

I didn’t have that test. I had an amniocentesis. They were looking to see if baby was fully developed before my c-section.

Yes I had it done because I was pregnant at 44. Mine came out normal

Had this done last year for my daughter because I was 34 and just did it again for the current pregnancy (almost 36). Result came back normal last year. Waiting on results currently for this one. It’s nerve wrecking but try to not let it make you worry.

I was given the option for the screenings done at 29years old for my now almost 4year old son. Well they did the screenings cause I was high risk it was my choice not to know the results cause I love my baby regardless. But they told me anyways as it came back negative so it did give me extra peace of mind knowing that. But later found he had a swollen kidney around 25 weeks which was monitored and he has since outgrown with no other complications

I got the genetic screening (18 at the time) they told me I didn’t need it where I was so young or whatever but they also told me it would tell me my baby’s gender so I did it :joy::joy:

I had a friend who married in her 30s. With her first pregnancy they ran tests they told her that her son would have Downs Syndrome. As a Catholic they opted to proceed with the pregnancy. Anxiety and worry robbed her of a very joyous time. They made their peace and when the baby was born he was healthy and did not have Downs. Please have a second test if it does come back that something is wrong with your baby.

I turned 40 in September my baby was born October she was born 3 months early she was Tiny only one phone I had no complications

I had my only child at the age of 37. I had the test done, but told the doctor that it didn’t matter what the test said. I was going to love my child either way. I never knew the results and I am now the mother of a normal, spoiled rotten 10 year old!!!

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I am 37. I had the panorama test done. Everything came back as low risk and it reveled gender as a boy!

I had it, I’m 44. Came back as low risk- bub due in october.