Has anyone had to be induced early?

Please, no judgement I just want to know what everyone else thinks or if anyone else has been through something similar. So I was wondering has anyone ever requested to be induced early, like around 34 to 35 weeks, due to excessive pain that you can no longer handle if so have you been able to get induced what did your doctor say. I’m only wondering due to complications from my last pregnancy leading to some stuff happening, and my body can no longer handle this pain, and I’m thinking of talking to my doctor about being induced add to note that I’ve had four steroid shots already due to excessive pain and contractions


My dr told me when i was induced with my son that medically, unless something makes it a medical necessity, drs arent allowed to induce you until youre 39 weeks


I was induced at 41 weeks, I know it’s not the same, but I was MISERABLE & my doctor was letting me go as long as I could, I had to pretty much beg to be induced.

In SC unless something is medically wrong they won’t induce until 39 weeks.

Sorry it’s not going to happen because you are in pain before 39 weeks.


They will only induce to preserve life of mom and baby. If there is no medical reason, it will not happen. They have actually changed the guidelines and 37 weeks is not considered full term, 39 weeks is. If you are having to get injections for pain I would suggest speaking with your OB about chiropractic care and to be adjusted since so much of our body shifts during pregnancy.

No doctor in there right mind would induce at 34 weeks. That malpractice and could be deadly to your baby, or result in a months long nicu stay. Im also not sure why you would want to risk having a premie in the middle of a pandemic.


I was because of preeclampsia. But not too early.

I was 6 cm dilated from 33 weeks until I delivered at 36 weeks and 4 days on my own and still couldn’t get induced because my labor stopped. They will not induce you unless it’s medically needed. It sucks but it’s just part of the game.


With my first I was induced at 40+4 and with this one I’ll be 33 weeks on Tuesday & they wouldn’t schedule my induction until 39 weeks, unless medically necessary.

Unless it is emergent and medically necessary, they won’t induce you before 39 weeks. Pain is not a medical necessity to be induced unfortunately. I tried due to excessive pain and got told they couldn’t because there are laws and regulations against it.

I was scheduled to be induced the day I turned 39 weeks. I was beyond uncomfortable and miserably sick but unless it’s a medical emergency they wont induce until 39 weeks.

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Nobody is going to risk bringing a baby into the world prematurely due to pain unless it’s life threatening.

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My dr would not let me as baby was still in the womb and happy and healthy. She needed to bake more. I was in a lot of pain and I was literally having breathing complications (my lips were blue and so were my fingers) a few times and had to get breathing treatments. Because everytime my pain could be controlled and my breathing back to normal they said baby needs to stay in until full term. I did get induced though at 39 weeks.

I had a very close call with my daughter at 34 weeks, they did a swab and required me to have the steroid injections as no matter what they did it didn’t seem to stop. I had extreme SPD and another child and work to still contend with. They like you to be at 36 weeks at the earliest to induce so your babies lungs have a chance and can still need help. As miserable it is you have done the main part, and remember it is all worth it, bed rest and support is your best shot. Unless there is something a doctor says that you or your baby need it, you will not be allowed at your request it has to outweigh the risks. I had a natural early labour with both but my second baby the one who wanted to come early then refused to move and I had to be induced because my body had been fighting for weeks to keep her in it needed a start. An induced labour was way more painful than my natural. Your body knows what it can handle and it cant and if it couldn’t you would go into early labour naturally. Keep going the prize is the other side!

Baby’s lungs are not developed until 37 weeks. I understand being extremely uncomfortable and in pain those last couple months, but it is so much better than watching your baby struggle to breathe on their own. :heart:

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Im surprised ur doctor hasn’t already talked to u about it! Im sure they will be on board we need a comfortable calm mom not a stressed hurting momma!!! I was induced early hurt more but baby was also a hell of a lot bigger than 1st baby too so could be coincidence

My water broke at 34 weeks but my labor didn’t start I had to be induced.

No doctor that I know would even think about that until at least 39 weeks. Let that baby cook longer.
I had severe morning sickness to the point of weekly Ivs. They still wouldn’t induce until 39 weeks.

I was scheduled for a c section at 38 weeks but I was high risk and losing amniotic fluid