Has anyone had to get a bladder sling?

Bladder slings? Could I get some opinions/insight? Especially at a young age? My doctor is concerned with how much my bladder neck has dropped and wants to put a sling in during my tubal next month. I was nervous enough for the tubal, as going under for surgery scares me a lot. Now my anxiety is through the roof.

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I would be sure and ask how long will the sling last. And what is the success rate for it.

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No problems with mine.should last 20 yrs is what I was told. Best decision I made. During my surgery my dr found a cancer mass. I WAS BLESSED.

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My mom had a mesh bladder sling. Eroded through to her uterus. Had to have it trimmed multiple times. :confused: ended up getting a settlement due to the mesh bladder sling. :confused:

I have one .I firgot about itntil I saw your post.no problems.dont even know its there

I had one done 17 years ago to redo a bladder tack. I love the sling! No more problems and I wouldn’t even know it was there without having to think about it.

I have one. It was put in 11 years ago with my hysterectomy. I have had no issues with it. It does help with weak bladder from having children

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My mom had one she said it was a piece a cake but it didn’t do everything you were supposed to do to solve Her issues

I had it done the same time i had hysterectomy. Wasnt bad. It helped for awhile but wirh age ive had other issues.

I had one in 2014 when I was 41 and have had no problems. It also helped my urinary incontinence. I never leak anymore. It wasn’t a bad recovery for me neither. I couldn’t pee when I first had it inserted so I had to be catheterized for about 2 or 3 days.

At 27 after having had 3 kids my dr told me that my bladder was falling; and highly recommend that i have a bladder sling. Had a full hysterectomy and bladder sling, almost 13 years later i haven’t had any issues. Honestly it helps so much. Good luck. I know surgery is scary, but you will be happier.

A lot of recalls and failures sueing the sling company I am surprised you didn’t no google it

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I got one in December, very happy with it

Nothing but good results here, I had mine put in after my hysterectomy at 41.

Had mine done in 2008. Works great. Good decision.

Research what sling they are using. There are lots of law suits right now on these where they ruined women’s bodies because the sling attached to the bladder too much and caused it to prolapse.