Has anyone heard of Mucinex helping with fertility?

I would like to know before trying this Mucinex. So lately, I have heard about this Mucinex thing on tick tock where it helps women get pregnant my partner and I have been trying to get pregnant for an over a year now, and I guess you can say my question is has any other moms try this to help them get pregnant and did it work for you and if so did you take liquid or the pills to help you get pregnant


The liquid got me pregnant without trying!

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Following for the comments :joy: this is gonna be lit.


:joy: Are people actually saying this works? No. Just no… :woman_facepalming:

I was told by doctors that mucinex thins all the mucus in your body including cervical, which helps sperm travel. So idk if I would technically say it makes you more fertile.


Yeah. 20+ yrs ago my dr told me to take Robitussin for the same reason. It thins cervical mucus, making conception easier to achieve.


Scientists say NO. Mucinex nor Robitussin helps. But this post is hilarious though :rofl:


Lmfao awh honey mucinex is for mucus not for your vagina; and most certainly does not help you with getting pregnant. I think perhaps you should age a little more before you try reproducing. I mean this in the nicest way possible.

Nothing in mucinex will boost your fertility, hun. Not trying to be rude, but my husband also stumbled across a bunch of tik toks claiming there’s Plan B pills inside of pregnancy test sticks. There’s a lot of… less than factual… tik tok trends regarding contraception and conceiving.

Speak with your gynecologist about ways to effectively increase your chances of conceiving and look into a cycle tracker if you haven’t already. I use Glow on my android (the free version, not the paid version) to track when I’m ovulating but for different reasons. Lol.

Good luck.


It should work as it thins the cervical mucus which helps sperm to travel if ones mucus is thick it hinders sperm travel


Its actually the reason I accidentally got pregnant with my 5 year old daughter lol

When I was trying to get pregnant with my 4 year old, I did take mucinex(plain guaifenesin) 2x a day) after a long time of trying to get pregnant.
#1 yes it actually does help because it thins the mucus membranes making it easier for supermarket motility.
#2 my doctor even recommended it.
#3 make sure to stay hydrated bc mucinex will dry the skin and lips if not properly hydrated.


Aw! Good luck to you! I hope you get your baby! :heart: try it and see if it works.:woman_shrugging: what’s the worst that could happen?
You should start taking folic acid both you and your partner. And have your husband start taking ashwagandha. Not you though it can cause miscarriage. Good luck to your family!

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Vitamins!!! All 3 times I got pregnant I was sick right before and being forced to take a handful of vitamins!

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Maybe it thins out cervical mucus too :woman_shrugging:t3:

Please don’t chug cough syrup like it’s some magic baby juice.

If that were to be the case, I wouldn’t have spent 30 thousand on IVF.

I will say, sorry you’re dealing with infertility. It’s cruel. See an RE doctor and at the very least get a diagnosis, if there is one.


My advice is 1- don’t take any medical advice from anyone on Tik Tok. 2- being someone who suffered from infertility and ending up doing invitro, 1st thing the Dr told me to do was STOP having sex to get pregnant. Have it for the fun, love, and closeness. I’ve given this same advice to friends who were struggling and stressing about getting pregnant and they got pregnant. One did invitro after conceiving naturally but then struggled to have another did invitro (didn’t work) got pregnant later on their own!!! Stop stressing !


I’ve heard from lots of women that mucinex helped to conceive because it helps thin out mucus and allows better flow of sperm.

Please try Preseed. I was able to conceive 2 healthy babies using it after having fertility issues and 2 miscarriages. Buy it on Amazon. Good luck.

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I tried preeseed AND mucinex in same cycle and conceived! :slight_smile: took 1 pill day before ovulation, day of and day after