Has anyone heard of using vanilla for teething pain?

Has anyone used vanilla for teething pain? We of course offer teething toys, and I’ve even frozen my breast milk into “popsicles” which seem to help for the most part. Sometimes (but not very often), my little one seems to just need a little extra help and I try to not give Tylenol to frequently.


Vanilla has alcohol in it which is the only reason it works. It does work though.


The reason vanilla extract works for teething pain is because it has alcohol in it. The alcohol numbs the gums so I wouldn’t use it.

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Maybe try Motrin instead. It helps with the inflammation better!

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I’ve heard of it, I think it’s because of the alcohol in it. I’ve never tried it.

Clove oil or the homeopathic Chamomilla 30C

Baby orajel that works better because yours no alcohol in it

Its full of alcohol… So same as when they used to run whiskey on the gums…


I used it for my son when he was teething. You don’t need a lot and it works better then anything else I tried for him.

Vanilla is essentially alcohol so its the same as rubbing whiskey on their gums. Better ways to help the pain imo

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Vanilla extract is essentially vanilla bean infused vodka. It could help the pain or put you to sleep. You may want both. :wink:

I use it occasionally. Theres nothing wrong with dabbing the tip of your of ger and rubbing the gums. And it works instantly.

Orajel is meant to numb gums or mouth but it’s expensive, doesnt work well and definetly doesnt last very long.

Cold wash rag. They love it and it helps push those teeth thru


Qwäxöxets Garibay Isela Garibay

Marshmallowsssss were the only thing that worked for my 13 month old.

Kaitlynn Riviere :thinking: interesting stuff in here

Vanilla worked for my daughter, nephews since it has alcohol in it.

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Idk if it works but I do know that vanilla tastes NOTHING like it smells
:nauseated_face::face_vomiting:try it before you try it on your baby

Pure vanilla has alcohol in it. Might as well save some money (it’s really expensive) and just buy some whisky. Some for baby and some for you! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
There has been some research on teething gels (the freezing kind) that say it actually makes the gums harder so it’s harder for the teeth to push through.
I got an amber necklace for my second daughter and barely heard a peep out of her.
We took it off after the first molars came through. The second molars were coming through and I put it back on her, after two days of wearing it, again, not a peep. I highly recommend that!


Camilia works wonders. I got it at CVS. Bit pricey but worked wonders for my little one and didn’t have to even give her Tylenol/Motrin!

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