Has anyone made rude comments about a baby name that you chose?

Have anyone had rude comments about the name you picked out for the baby YOU made? We picked Lilith, and I have some super ridiculously religious in my family that had some mean opinions. I think it’s a beautiful name; I love the nickname Lily and whenever people ask if I know who was named that, I say it’s a badass that decided she didn’t wanna listen and obey a man and wanted to live her own damn life. I don’t see the big deal. It’s just a name!


I get the same thing cause my kid is daemon :roll_eyes: people are rude and dumb

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I’ve been lucky. But, I’ve heard about people who’ve made ugly comments. Shame on them.

My daughters name is Seraphim. Everyone thought it was weird at first. Even had someone tell me Seraphim is a male name (because it’s from the bible) and that I should name her seraphina instead. Well its been her name 6 years now. People have to have an opinion about EVERYTHING :roll_eyes: I say tell them to stfu :woman_shrugging:


Lilith is a lovely name…


Ignore them…your baby, your choice xx

I had a nurse say that my daughter’s name was popular in the other kids that you know go to visit that pediatrician. as if I was supposed to be offended that somebody else had the name Amelia.

That is a beautiful name :heart: I liked Violet but I had people making jokes about Willy Wonka saying Violet you’re turning Violet. Hurt my feelings so I told them to go kick rocks and ended up changing the name to something I found even more better. Keep the name because it is honestly a beautiful name with cute nicknames :heart:

Yes with all 4 of my daughters I didn’t want super common names unlike mine so I found ones I like and I stuck with them when anyone made a comment I just told well you didn’t have anything to with making them so your opinion is irrelevant🤷

I don’t get any and two of my boys are synester and vyngeance.


So you’re expected to miss out on a name all because it has some ridiculous religious backstory for them?
Pick what you want. Someone somewhere will always say something.


My ex and his mother made fun of the name I had picked out for our second child (arabella), he actually had an ex that I could not stand (due to them causing problems in the beginning of our relationship) her name was Erin. So they went as far to call her ERINbell until I eventually changed it to what they wanted. I love her name now (Alaina) but I hate so much that I caved and let them do that to me.

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Ignore the unneccessary and rude comments, or better yet, call out those immature assholes for bullying a baby about her name. (I think it’s a beautiful name!)

Lilith is beautiful i love the name…very powerful from an episode of the chosen when jesus told her she is redeemed!!!

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Lilith is a lovely name x

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Name your baby whatever seems right for them. I have a fairly unique name and, though I’ve heard my fair share of crap over the years, I love it! I named my daughter something unique as well, my grandmothers name backwards, and not only is my daughter in love with it but so is my grandma. She just gushes about her granddaughter named after her in a fun way.

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Yes. My mom at my baby shower made a toast and said “let’s hope it’s a girl otherwise it’ll be named (name we picked for if it was a boy)”(didn’t find out the sex )has never said anything negative since…I think she just got used to it

I planned on using Lillith as well if we ever have another daughter. I love that name.

A girl name her daughter caprese I heard another lady asked her If she wanted to name her caprisun


Name your baby what you want to name her. I would not worry what other people think x