Has anyone started their period 9 days after it ended?

Has anyone gotten their period nine days after finishing their period?? My cycle is always normal. A few times, it has come a day early or a day late but typically pretty spot on. Usually starts day one really crampy and heavy. Day 2 and 3 is super heavy with a few clots, but by day four, it starts tapering off until day 7. Well, yesterday, I strangely had pink spotting, and I just thought that maybe it was ovulation spotting, but last night it became a little darker but light. All-day today, darker but light, then all of a sudden bam, it’s heavy, super crampy, and felt and seen a lot of clots. I called my doctor this morning (when it was lighter) and asked her opinion, and she says, “it could be normal, but with you having them normally spot-on, then this is a little weird. If there are any symptoms that you don’t usually have, then give us a call.” Well, the extra clots have me worried a bit. I can’t call until morning. Just curious if I should be worried and/or if this has happened to anyone else?


Your hormones could be off. I had my period be 12 days late before and then after that is was normal. Just see how it goes next month as if it returns back to your normal schedule.

I had one after 5 days but I was in perimenopause

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I have this happen everytime I hang out around a new women or ones I haven’t hung out with in a long time. My cycle tries to sink with theirs. It sucks!

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This happened to me and they said it was probably a very early miscarriage.

This has also happened to me. And I was in so much pain. Never found out why it happened tho. But my cycle returned to normal again afterwards

I usualy have 2 a month. One light and then my normal heavy as all can be. Sometimes I just spot for 3 weeks and then have my period.

I have thyroid issues. January had a period from the 20th till like feb 3rd. Then got bleeding again feb 14 to feb 17th. :woman_shrugging:

What about a ovarian cyst? I don’t know anything about them but look it up and your symptoms. Just guessing done on research. Hope you find your answer.

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I used to bleed between cycles (8 day cycle, 3 day break, bleed 3 more days, 2 weeks off) when I was young, but became regular sometime after I turned 30. I recently had this happen again, and googled it, and for me, at my age, cycles becoming closer together could be signs of early menopause.

Depends on your age. Im pre menopausal and mine has been haywire for a couple years. From October to December I had a period, then two weeks off then back on. Dr says it’s pretty normal for someone my age (45) but idk.

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I would see a Dr. I have done that for a while now. 2 periods a month. I saw a Dr, they found multiple cysts outside the uterus. I’m scheduled for a hysterectomy in June. They are taking everything out but my ovaries. So I won’t go through early menopause. I’m 41 years old. My dr told me having more than one period a month, the heavy bleeding,and the clots, are not normal. I have severe bleeding, terrible cramps, clots, and two periods a month.

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I do, I have researched and I found endometriosis which I think I have … Doctors say they can take out the tissue but they often see it return in 5 years so idk what to do. Not saying you have that just sharing my experience. I wish you wellness❤️

You can spot during ovulation

Have you had intercourse recently?

This happened to me at a certain age sometimes it can be completely normal or infection or hormone imbalance the list is endless turn all for me the woman in my family are cursed with horrendous periods a have 2 to 3 month bleed for months off the belt 6 months was the longest with 3 to 4 day braked inbetween my best advice is see a gynecologist if u have any questions worry or concerns no matter how big or small xx

Yes. Since my second child was around 2 (she’s 4 now), my period would end, then I’d start feeling cramps and it would come again 5-8 days later. Only lasts maybe 2 days and it’s dark blood. My doctor said there’s nothing wrong with this happening but it bothers me. :woman_shrugging:t4:

Yes I’ve always had extremely irregular periods and have got mine twice a month but then will go 40 to 60 days without one

All the time…but I’m in perimenopause