Has anyone started their period 9 days after it ended?

I’m 42 going through perimenopause so it happens to me sometimes

You need to go and get blood work done to see if you’re in perimenopause. You can have iron deficiency with you bleeding heavy like that.

the cause is age / medical history dependant

best u go c a doc, and get a conclusive answer

You are having a miscarriage, see a doctor.

Happened to me once, turned out pregnant

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This exact thing happened to me and it was a chemical pregnancy.

Only happened once to me, then found out I was pregnant with my 2nd 2 days later

Are you on a new birth control or just recently got one? I used to have normal periods until I got the nexplanon iud, now they are totally irregular. Sometimes go a couple months without one, sometimes 2 in one month, sometimes 1 that lasts about two weeks. It really sucks but it’s the new norm for me… but check with a dr

Have your thyroid checked. Breakthrough bleeding was my main symptom when my thyroid crapped itself.

I go through it
Had to start a new med and bc of the med I can bleed for a whole month. Dr only cares if go through a heavy pad within two hours

Happened to me after I had my

Very similar to what I experienced going through a miscarriage. Not saying that’s what’s happening but it’s very possible. At this point many things are possible

Idk all the details…I had and iud at the time. Something similar happened. I had my normal period then a week later I started spotting and then heavier bleeding with clots. Went to the doctor and it turned out I was pregnant and it had turned ectopic. Had to go to the er! :no_mouth: