Has anyone taken antidepressants while pregnant?

Has anyone been put on an antidepressant while pregnant? I’m ten weeks pregnant, and I have a six-year-old and a five-month-old. I have postpartum depression from my precious baby, and I just can’t get out of it. I am constantly sad, all I do is sleep, I cry all night when everyone else is asleep, I contemplated suicide a lot, my anxiety is so bad that I shut myself in my house and don’t go around any other people than immediate family. I don’t have any energy at all to even do the simplest tasks. I just don’t know how I’m going to make it. Yes, I want this baby, and I am keeping it, my husband is trying to be helpful and understanding, but he just thinks I’m lazy. I also work full time.


Yes, I have. It helps immensely, I was in the same place when I decided to take it. I didn’t notice any huge side effects on my baby or me or the pregnancy in general. I was taking a very low dose


Most of them are safe except Paxil. It will help tremendously.


Talk to your doctor. Continue taking your meds until you can discuss with physician

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I’ve been on anti depressants since 2015 and once I got pregnant this year I never stopped my doctor just put me on a lower dosage and it’s helped me lots since the beginning of my pregnancy and I have major depression and anxiety and I’m now 29 weeks but I feel good.


I only take them when I’m pregnant and after I have the baby because it’s the only time I am unable to control my depression. All of my kids are healthy and happy!


Talk to your doctor, there are meds out there safe enough for you to take while pregnant. If you ever need to talk I’m here to listen♤

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I was and still am on pristiq.
My baby did have mild withdrawal for a few days😭 .
Wasnt showing signs of pain but he did have the shakes.
Now I know north America doesn’t have any positive studies done towards cannabis ( other countries do though)but it was also my safest option for medication. I still take it.
It has helped my depression and anxiety beyond anything else. So for me it’s cannabis,therapy and pristiq.
If I were to get pregnant again I’d honestly only stop the Pristiq

Talk too your doctor, your mental health is so important! :yellow_heart::yellow_heart:

I cannot believe there are angry faces on this post!! Just another forum for some women to be Judgy!! Discusting!!


My doc didn’t take me off of mine

I did, it was necessary and me and baby were fine. Best wishes

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Yep! Wellbutrin has helped me a lot with my depression and anxiety during pregnancy and after. Twice now. Take care of yourself. I know it’s hard.

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Also there is no shame in taking meds if you need to. I’ve struggled with mental health mu whole life.
You definitely need to way the pros and cons. There are risks. But I also know if I went medically untreated during my pregnancy it could of had detrimental effects to my baby. Definitely talk to your doctor

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My doctor put me on zoloft when I was pregnant and I choose to stick with the lowest dosage until I had my baby. No side effects and she is 4 months old. Very smart and happy baby. I suggest talking to your doctor about this

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I took Zoloft, a very low dose, 25mg, but it made a huge difference. I was at 30 weeks when I started it and stopped about 8 weeks postpartum. I regret not taking it sooner I think I would’ve enjoyed my pregnancy a lot more than I did


CBD is an alternate choice! I use it daily. I’m 9 months pregnant


Honey. You need to talk to your doctor immediately. IMMEDIATELY. This is normal to feel this way because others feel this way so often, but not normal because we are not meant to feel this way! Motherhood is HARD. You are not weak, you need help. The first step is to say it out loud or “online” to others, even if they’re strangers. You can do this.

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My dr put me on Prozac when I was pregnant with my oldest and it helped so much

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