Has anyone taken away santa due to bad behavior?

Has anyone just considered not doing Santa with your children this year if they’ve been REALLY bad leading up to it? I keep telling him Santa is watching him, and I am totally considering putting coal in his stocking.


LMAO it probably not his fault he bad … it your fault letting him get by with crap cause mommy lil angel can do no wrong


No. Just threatened he wouldn’t come. I think taking him away completely would be a little traumatizing.


Maybe make Santa a little less this year. Like he’s seen how you acted and you just didn’t get much.


I’ve always said “ Santa sees if you are being bad “ but I’ve never considered taking away Christmas for bad behavior in place of actual discipline. In my opinion That probably won’t fix the issue .

That’s how you make a blacksmith :joy:

I’ve made “coal” with rice crispy treats and black food coloring for my kids

Yes, and the crazy part is he said that’s fine if I don’t get presents from Santa because all my presents say love grandma, grandpa, and aunty so I don’t need presents from Santa :exploding_head:

My brother has a security alarm system at home and use to tell my niece and nephew when they were little that the motion sensor in the corner of the rooms were Santa’s monitors and when they lit up red was when he was watching them! It definitely made them behave a lot more! :santa:

How can your kids be “really bad”?? Do you not discipline them properly when necessary?? People like you shouldn’t have kids.


Yes and i felt like the biggest piece of shit, especially cause i made him watch the others open their presents​:sob::sob::sob:


Tell him when he miss-behaves that Santa takes a present off of his list.


On a kid younger than 10, nope try different behavior technique/parenting technique.

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My cousins got coal one year in their stocking, lol no joke. It was hilarious, but they never got it again :rofl:

Not this year, as it’s been hard for everyone, but last year. I considered it. I thought really hard about it. In the end, I just couldn’t take it away from him. I just kept his gift small and simple.

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Felt :joy:… But why is everybody mad isn’t that what Santa does? He puts coal in children’s stockings that dont behave :thinking::thinking:🤷🤷 also they have chocolate coals in a little mesh bag


My mom did one year because my sisters were being awful and wouldn’t listen. They got coal that year, and they started acting right

I know someone who’s child had nothing for Christmas because of bad behaviour and the child didn’t give a shit


Probably take the tablet or phone away.

I took my kids out Christmas shopping and told them to pick a present each. Then brought what they picked and then explained why the present was not for they and made them put it under the Kmart wishing Tree…
It worked and the bonus was the next year they wanted to gift a present to the wishing tree.