Has anyone taken this birth control?

Has anyone takin the Larin fe birth control and completely skip periods? I take my pill every day at the same time. Don’t miss a dose, and if I do, I double up the next day. I haven’t had a period since July 16 and have 0 symptoms of being pregnant but every symptom of starting my period with no period.


I take a similar one to completely stop mine and I’ve noticed that as well. I think we can stop the bleeding of the period but we can’t necessarily stop all the side effects of it hormone wise. Our body still tries to have one

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I’m on this exact birth control. Yes, I completely skip periods. Every once in a while I will have a period. Talked to my doctor about this and that is totally normal.

I use Mylan. If I skip a day or even if I don’t take my pill on time, I start spotting,
But when I did the Dypo shot, I didn’t have my period for like 3MONTHS

If it’s low estrogen it’s common to skip periods

Lo Loestrin made me skip, it’s the affect of the hormone.

Do not double up the next day.

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I havent been on a pill in 10+ years… but I have an iud now and haven’t had a period in over 2 years… being a woman is weird.

First test second I have taken the oioll back to back three months for endo in the past but by the third months had a breakthrough bleed.

Call your dr hun. Always the best thing to do

I never could take any kind of birth control, made me sick

Stop taking it see your doctor