Has anyone tested negative but were still pregnant?

Has anyone here ever tested negative on home pregnancy tests but still been pregnant? I’m having all of the same symptoms as I did with my daughter. Symptoms I had not pregnant. To a T. Even peeing a ton overnight and my boobs look bigger. My boyfriend has even noticed they’re bigger. And I don’t understand??? Literally, I feel exactly how I did pregnant with my first. I had what I thought was a period a couple of weeks ago it showed up four days earlier than it should have. And was extremely light at times. I’ve taken three tests, and they all Say negative, so I don’t know why I’m feeling this way or having all these same symptoms as before even heartburn when only drinking something. Just wondering what it could possibly be or if it’s even possible. It’s been making me very anxious and distracted lately. Thanks so much in advance.


Got get a blood test done chick.

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Very possible, I was 6 weeks pregnant before I finally got a positive test and it was very hard to tell it was positive but when I went to my OB they said that I was already 6 weeks maybe even 7 weeks

Yes had to buy a more expensive accurate home test dollar store tests worked for my first two but not my third

You should definitely go see a doctor, you know your body more than the test and those tests can not be trusted

I took 3 tests and they all said negative then the 4th one was positive. I knew I was pregnant cause missed my period.

Go get a blood test from your primary physician.

Too early give it a week

Yes with all 3 of my children

Yh I did , I only found out when I was 17 weeks gone as I was doing test after test all came back negative so went to the doctors and they done a blood test and a test there

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I took 10 at home tests and they all said negative. I went and got a blood test done and found out I was pregnant with my daughter.

If the tests are negative I would say you’re not pregnant. You have to have the pregnancy hormone hcg in your body for the tests to be positive. Wait a few days and test again. If it’s still negative maybe call your doctor. Sometimes when we want to be pregnant we over analyze every feeling we have and assume they are symptoms.

So end of dec my husband made a comment about how I look pregnant (he has 3 kids from 2 previous relationships) I having never had any of my own was like yea right my periods are usually pretty spot on to the app I use to track them and week an a hafe later i was a few days late i took a test negative waited a week took another negative told my husband about the second one (felt alil embarrassed about the fact i was 3 days late an took a pregnancy test we were just engaged at the time) an told him I was still late by almost 2 weeks at that point but the test came back negative a few days past an I told him my next day off I wanted to go to the health clinic here in our town an have them test me cause I just didnt feel right like I was already showing symptoms and so fast forward to the end of the week we went an they took me to the back made me do the pee test an when she came in she told me I was positive an was infact pregnant an tho it was faint it was there turns out I was like 7 weeks pregnant so yea u can get negative results with at home I would go to ur free health clinic in ur town if u have one an ask them to teat

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Mine was negative and I was pregnant

Me! I even got blood work done with my third and it was negative but then a week later retested and was 3-4 weeks along.

With my second I didn’t test positive until I was 10 weeks

Your HCG level may not be high enough yet, which is why the home tests are not recognizing it yet. I just learned this going through fertility treatments. Go to your PCP for a blood test or wait a few more weeks and try again.

Test with your first morning urine, it’s more concentrated.

My daughter had three pregnancy tests all administered by a health care professional all were negative. She was 6 months along when she had her last one. Her periods were absent she was told menopause as she was 39 years old she had no children. She went to the hospital with what they thought may be kidney stones. She delivered a beautiful daughter she is 5 years old now, so who knows.

I work in a lab and the pregnancy tests we use are pretty much the same thing you buy at the store. It possible you tested too early. 5-7 weeks is when you generally get the best results. Wait a week and use a first morning specimen, hold it literally as long as you can. And make sure you soak the strip for as long as the directions state and then place it flat on the counter. A lot negative tests are because the directions are not followed exactly, If you move the test a lot or hold it in your hand not flat you can cause the strip not to work properly.