Has anyone tracked their fertility as a form of birth control?

I am currently on the shot after having my child, and I am concern with the health risk of any form of birth control. At this point, I am considering no longer using any forms of birth control. Has anybody tried tracking their fertility instead of birth control? Has this method been effective for anyone? Any advice on the fertility awareness method?


I’ve used it for 6 years now and haven’t gotten pregnant lol.
Only advice I have is, get to know your cycle for several months first. Pay attention to your body. You’ll get to learn it and that combined with taking your basal body temp will let you know when you’re fertile each month.

I have not, but my best friend has used this method for 25 years now. She has no children, so it appears to work for her!!

You can get pregnant at anytime. The egg does not have to be released for sperm to fertilize it.

The sperm can travel up the fallopian tubes into the. Ovaries…

So rather or not you ovulate (egg being released before period) you can still get pregnant.

Sperm can live up to 72 hours in the vagina and fallopian tubes.

I have never been on birth control, always tracked my cycle (I’m blessed to have a very regular cycle) and never got pregnant until we were ready. HOWEVER we are still careful because just like with anything it isn’t 100%

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Yes! I used an app to help me keep track but you should give it a few months to make sure it’s get your cycle down correctly :blush:

I have been off birth control for 6 years and just track my periods and when i ovulate. I have a 3 and 1 year old, both planned.

A lot of people don’t know their bodies and this method is risky if you don’t know your body super well…then you’d end up being pregnant and it’s just not a good idea unless you really know what you’re feeling like knowing everything about your period, feelings and such and knowing how you are when you’re ovulating. If you’re in touch with your body, it’ll be easy to track but like I said, not many people know and anything can happen…

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I’ve seriously considered this… :thinking:

I have before and im currently using two different apps to track my cycle.

Yes! This is also called Natural Family Planning and can be done. Be sure you know your body well and track everything. Works well for my husband and I! Good luck!


I haven’t been on birth control since January. I know I can get pregnant, same partner as with my first child. Sex almost everyday. Used pull out method which is supposedly not a great method but on ans off periodically throughout the years (8) we have used this and not gotten pregnant. My first pregnancy I became pregnant after one time of him not pulling out. The rest of that time we had used condoms or just didn’t have sex.

I successfully used the Natural Family Planning method for months with no issues! I also used the ovulation strips to help and double check to update my calendar accordingly. And the very last month of using the method we got a little careless and got pregnant lol

Tell me why this is what I wanted to do and tried to ask my doctor and she looked at me crazy like it wasn’t a real thing lol :joy:

It’s a lot of work. I highly recommend getting a period tracker app to help you. It’ll tell you your window of fertility and is a great place to start.

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yes NFP and pull out have work for us for 5 years only got pregnant when we wanted too

I’ve never used tracking as birth control, but I have used it to get pregnant. My warning would be don’t rely solely on basal body temp. My BBT never indicated ovulation, I had to track through other symptoms and regular ovulation tests.

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Also consider what how you feel if it fails and you get pregnant. When other birth could be more effective.

Idk with my son I was using a app and we had sex when it said fertile and I got pregnant that same month this time around same app we had sex 2 weeks and a half before I was supposed to ovulate and still got pregnant

My mom did after i was born until she got pregnant with my sister 10 years later. Worked for her