Has anyone tried the sams club brand diapers?

Hey momma’s, has anyone tried sam’s club brand diapers? If so, did you like them, are they soft on the bum and absorbent? I just got a membership, and the boxes are huge and at a good price. I just want to be sure the quality is there before I buy 300+ of them.


I didnt like them. We just buy luvs from sams and still saves us money.

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Try to borrow some from a friend if u can first, to make sure they don’t bother baby’s skin. My niece uses them but they make my sons eczema a little bit angry and he gets rashes

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I heard they’re great my bestfriend used them a couple times. She said they’re just like Huggies brand

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I just bought a big box from sam’s club and my son easily started getting rashes. I was so mad I had to buy a whole pampers box but it was clear the rashes were not going away as long as he wore those diapershe was in pain. I have used cosco diapers and those are great.

If you don’t like them you can take them back and get your money back. I liked them with one of my kids 8 years ago but my youngest was allergic to them

YES!! I used them on my daughter and they’re great.

Do not buy them they are horrible

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I used them during the day and used a name brand specific for night time at night. This was only because my daughter was such a heavy wetter at night. They worked great for daytime though.

I use them, I love them! My son will sleep 13 hours straight with no leaks

It’s been my understanding that they are very similar to Pampers, so if you like those you should be okay.

Yes I love sams and walmart brand. My boy is 20 months and they are the majority of what I’ve used since birth and haven’t had but maybe one time that it leaked over night.

I’ve never use them but my best advice would be to go on sams.com and read the reviews

I use them on my baby and I like them never leak at night

Those were great for us

I personally hate them! My daughter pees one time and I can literally smell it when I am next to her. None of the other diapers I’ve tried have been that way. They seem thin and not super absorbent as well (her diaper will feel very squishy before the line even turns blue all the way). I was really bummed because that was one of the main things I planned to buy from there for her! I literally have half a box just to use as back up because I bought different ones that I like better.


I love them!!! Never had any problems with all 4 of my kids in them.

I can’t use store brand. My daughter is allergic to them.

I don’t like Sam’s club brand at all. I found they start feeling damp on the outside super fast. I LOVE the Kirkland brand and make a Costco trip every month just to get their diapers.

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Yes! They are great. The Costco brand is good too