Has anyone used the baltic teething necklaces?

How many mamas use the Baltic amber necklaces for their teething babies? If you like them and think they work, what site did you order from?

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I haven’t personally used one, but a child in one of my daycare classes had one. She chewed on it constantly and ended up chewing through the bracelet more than once. She missed school twice from having to go to the doctor due to swallowing some of the pieces.

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I didn’t like the idea of the necklace but got an anklet for my second… it seemed to work great!!

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I have one on my daughter (7.5 months) its on her ankle and oh my god it works wonders! Best thing we ever bought for her. She doesn’t pay it any mind she wears footy pajamas at night so even then it’s still on her little ankle same during the day her pants and socks cover it. I ordered hers from Balticessentials.com

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It was a lifesaver for me!! 100% use it !!!

My 10month has one been wearing it since 4 months… love it he’s my 2nd baby to use them!!!

My daughter has had hers since she was 3 months old, she has never chewed on it and refuses to let you take it off. She is now 3. It has honestly worked wonders. My mum was very very skeptic of it working and would take it off when she would watch her and she noticed there was a huge difference with her wearing it.

They’re woo and dangerous


We have one for my 2 yr old since she was 6mths old, noticed a massive difference and now she won’t let it go, never chewed on it, never broke it. We got the rope type though there not beads on string so even if she did break it they would stay together so she couldn’t swallow it :slight_smile:

My 2.5 year old has had it since he was 4 months. We ordered it off Amazon and he doesn’t put it in his mouth.

We got ours from Amazon. During the day we wear as a necklace and at night as an anklet.

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I used anklets for my twins and they sailed through teething without any fuss or bother. I wouldn’t use a necklace though for the risk of strangulation in one so young and bracelets they can chew on and possibly choke. So yeah - anklets

I have used them for all 4 of my kids, they work wonders

We use it with our kids. We bought our 2 yr old one when she was around 6 months we bought the shorter one she never even paid attention to it. It was too short to get it into her mouth. She wore it til it broke. The beads are all tied individually so only 1 can fall off and in her case the bead that held it on stripped out. Our 9 month old just cut her 1st tooth and it helps she got hers at 6 months as woe and doesn’t even know its there. I was so scared they’d choke themselves but nope. We had the ankle one but it fell off we lost it

Personally have never used one. They are a choking hazard, way too scared to use one.

I used amber teething necklaces and I loved them authentic ones have a certificate

They have knock offs so be careful on which one you get. It worked really well for my daughter. I don’t know where it was purchased because it was a gift.