Has anyone waited to find out the gender of their baby?

Have any mamas waited to find out the gender until the baby was born? Can I hear stories? I’m thinking about waiting to find out. But wanted to hear what others say.


I wanna do this with my third♥️

I waited. Made child birth that much more exciting…although I have nothing to compare it to

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Kudos to you if you are patient enough. Lol. I am the most impatient person. I could not wait. Lol


I waited for my second. I swore up n down it was a boy. Had another girl. Was days in the hospital with no idea what to name her lol.

I want to next time around.
Even knowing I was having a boy I still prepared for baby with gender neutral stuff in case we had a girl next go around.

It’s the only surprise you have… a puppy’s not coming out lol

I can’t wait. I’ll be finding out as soon as I’m able too😂

If you can wait that’s good for you though

I never waited and I’m super happy I didn’t this go around! I would’ve had nothing for a little girl! She has 3 older brothers!

1st child was told a girl and it came out as a boy. So did not find out with 2nd child, swore it was another boy, and were blessed with a girl! 3rd child found out but only my husband and i knew the gender. No one else knew until he was born.

I didn’t do it intentionally lol my 3rd pregnancy they just couldn’t see. She had knots in her cord we could see and the cord went between her legs. I figured girl based on that and my boys wanted us to know haha but she was a girl, didn’t find out til birth. Drive me bonkers lol

M currently 32weeks pregnant n m patiently waiting

With my first baby we waited to find out until birth. Best surprise ever!!!
Now I’m pregnant with baby #2 and we just found out the gender. With everything we have going on right now, it’s going to help us be better prepared and organized.
It’s all a personal preference.


Nope… we found with all three pregnancies but didn’t tell ppl the babies name till birth

I waited with my 4th. And I honestly wish I had waited with them all. It was so amazing.

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My first baby I waited it was really emotional moment already but hearing the doctor say it’s a boy made it even more emotional. I’m currently 33 weeks and haven’t found out what this baby is


I waited with both mine! It was amazing!!

We didn’t find out on our second. It was a bit tricky at times when we were buying clothes but overall it was so exciting.
I gave birth in the birthing pool and it was one of the most precious times in my life. We generally were grateful to be having a baby again so whatever gender it was didn’t matter. We already had a boy and ended up with another boy :blue_heart::blue_heart:.

I had to find out I’m not patient enough to wait. I wanted a girl. My little girl will be 6 months in 2 days lol


I waited with my first amazing!. wanted to do it again with my second but my boyfriend didnt so we found out the gender of this baby