Has anyones child been diagnosed with ADHD: Advice?

Has anybody’s Child been diagnosed with ADHD?If so are they been treating with medication? What are the main side effects you noticed on your Child? I’m deeply against medicating my Child. Are their any alternatives anybody is using? I’m taking my Child to be evaluated next week. He is super smart and is one of the top students in the class despite him not focusing and paying attention to the teacher he has the energy for days. We have tried EVERYTHING from taking toys, PlayStation away, TV spanking him, and nothing has worked. Looking for advice.


my daughter was. i was against medications. cut sugar and caffeine out of diet. then we she had a serious issue a little drink if coffee or a bite of chocolate helped. caffeine has calming effect when hyper. also had an IEP for school

You can’t beat a child until their brain changes.


Yup ! Since she was 7! ( diagnosed ) Nothing worked ! She was up for days, climbing out windows in middle of the night at age 3! And i looked into alternative meds and no they didn’t work ! She is now 17 and still on meds ! In order to keep grades up at school etc! Extremely smart but needs meds to focus!

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Don’t try to change him or tell him that there’s something “wrong” with him. Embrace that energy and help him find ways to channel it. Sports, music or even a local theatre group. Some of the world’s best athletes and entertainers have ADHD.


My kid has severe adhd, hyper smart, and yes medicated. Punishing your kid because they are super active won’t work, they can’t help the excess energy. I know it can be frustrating when you just want a few minutes to relax, but if you spank you now just have a hyper angry child. Not an improvement. Try engaging your kids brain, it’s not all about they have energy let’s wear them out. Remember your kids really smart, it’s not just his body that’s hyper active. His minds on over drive too. In fact his brain is more active than his body which is a contributing factor. Get him challenging puzzles and games or get him interested in reading, that was a life saver for me. I’ve always been a reader so to me it was my go to but not many parents think of it especially with younger kids. Your child needs to be actively challenged or he gets bored and destructive.

Try changing him to a plant-based diet. Look at some of the plant-based Facebook groups and join one or two. Tell your story. The members will have ideas to help you. It’s worth a try.


ADHD affects each child different but there are some common things that work and you should look into treatments that don’t involve pills. I believe pills are a last resort when all else fails. Main thing is seek someone who works with ADHD and be consistent, you can’t give up on them or get frustrated, they are wired different and both of you will be learning. Good Luck!


You also cannot ignore a medical condition and refuse treatment bc you don’t think the child needs it, and expect food things to happen.
If parents always knew what to do about every single medical condition, there would be no doctors.
Sometimes you have to listen to people who actually know what they are talking about.
Would you also avoid insulin if the child was diabetic?


If you don’t like medication, many parents go with diet management. Low sugar and carbs, no red dye. All kinds of stuff like that, my kids too much of a picky eater to go this way. Ask your doctor they’ll tell you what foods are best and what to avoid. I can tell you sugars highly affect kids with adhd.tbh other than the sugar thing I really don’t think this method works but many parents swear by it.

My son has been diagnosed with adhd since he was seven. he just turned 11. i been against with medicating him eversince so we just took him 2 to 3x a week for occupational therapy. we have regular devped check ups for years now but as he grows older we realized that ot is not enough so i gave in in having him on meds but on the lowest dosage and i just realized that i have been holding out for nothing. He is doing very well now in school and in his personal life.

Well stop punishing him. My daughter has adhd. She used to use fidgets in school. So many different things he can benefit from. Look up fidgets for adhd. Works great. Punishing him for the way his body is working is going to ruin his self esteem and leave mental scars. Never ever do that. Ever. My daughter is now on meds but not before I tried magnesium, taking red dye out of diet etc. There’s a lot you can try before meds. Do your research. Even IF meds are what you have to use, it may not be forever. You may not like them, I don’t, but If it’s going to help him in the long run, then for the sake od your child’s future, do it. It’s not about you, it’s about them. Just STOP punishing him. Nothing makes me more upset than punishing your kids for something they don’t have control over

I was also totally against medication. I have one that is mildly adhd and can make decent grades without meds, which we do. Passing is passing, even if not straight A’s. She is a senior this year. But I also have a middle schooler that has it BAD, and can not manage to keep it together to stay in the classroom without meds. On the right medicine, (granted, finding that is sometimes a process) you can’t tell he is medicated, unless you know the severity of it without meds.

I guess what I am saying is it’s up to the parent how you choose to deal with it. But also know that if it is or becomes necessary, with the right med at the right dosage, they aren’t sluggish or zombie-like.


The medication is to make the children’s life easier not yours or the schools or anybody else’s. With the medication they are able to stop all the “ noises “ in their heads. My son would tell me “ I’m trying to slow down but my brain is thinking too fast “. Find the right medication ( it may take 2 or 3 tries ) . And DONT give him “vacations “ from the meds. You would not stop insulin to a diabetic on the weekends or summer, don’t stop his meds . Good luck!

No but I have 2 children with PDD and depression anxiety disorders

Behavior specialist is a good alternative teach coping skills for the child. My daughter has ADHD, she is medicated but she is also severe to the point where it affects her school work.

Three months elimination diets strict then medication a few different medications

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Don’t do meds! I regretted putting my son on them! Try coffee or natural energetic foods…Seriously!

Mine gets coffee every morning. It helps.


My son was medicated and now is 23 doing great.