Has anyones child had a birth defect due to taking anti-depressants during pregnancy?

Long story short … has anyone else taken antidepressants during conception and pregnancy and been diagnosed with birth defects due to? We are being diagnosed with VACTERL association. They’re also saying my little guy is going through antidepressant withdraw. Similar experiences? I’m beside myself with guilt.


Please don’t guilt urself things happen. Everything will work out exactly how it’s going to. U got this ur strong. I’m always here if u need a friend .

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I know it’s hard but try not to feel guilty. You did what you needed to do to stay healthy. The baby will get through this.

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Its hard to see that and why I stayed off mine when pregnant. That said many women have perfectly healthy and happy babies when on medications like that. The withdrawals are hard on them though but they will be ok. Just hang in there mama!

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Did the doctor tell you to not take it during pregnancy? Bc if you did it against it than idk what to say. Bc some anti depressants are deadly to babies. And doctors would have advised all of this if you were honest about what you were on. In sorry.


I am now 6 months pregnant and literally white knuckling it through because I stopped my anti depresseants. If you can safely take them I would reccomend you do. There are a number of medications that are safe to take during pregnancy. I wasn’t aware that mine were safe so just quit and I regret it big time.

I just saw another mom post an almost identical question in a mom group I’m in! But please don’t feel guilty you had to take care of yourself mentally too! You did NOTHING wrong. Sending healing vibes for you little one :heart:

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I’ve been through with drawl. I was taking Zoloft but I had a rare side effect that caused me to hallucinate voices and music. I withdrew for weeks and it was torture. Can’t imagine a baby going through that.

There are safe antidepressants you can take while pregnant and any doctor in their right mind would’ve taken you off of yours if it wasn’t safe. What happened? Idk what to say. Hope your baby withdrawals quickly and safely. Don’t feel guilty. Every antidepressant comes with risks, but it’s not your fault.

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I’m not bashing anyone where are you this is why you do research on every medication you’re taking while pregnant they had me on an antidepressant when I was pregnant with my son that could’ve severely hurt my son or could I give him a cleft palette or lip and Could of made his heart stopped growing

And to answer your question, my friends son was born addicted and he went through withdrawl too. He’s 8 now and a great kid, but he is intellectually slower than his age. He’s around 4 intellectually. All things considered, he is physically healthy. So, don’t stress if you don’t have to. Wait and see. Don’t feel guilty. Sometimes things like this happen and I’m sure you would’ve stopped had you known there would be issues.

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I was on Prozac for my whole second pregnancy. No issues with my son and zero withdrawal. I took a very low dose though

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Usually doctors will tell u what is safe and not to take. Sorry ur going threw this keep ur head up

I’m taking Cipralex at just 10mg but my doctor told me it was fine to continue. I am almost 30 weeks and now you have me concerned… I mean don’t feel guilty if your doctor told you it was fine to continue.

My Dr advised me not to take my antidepressants during pregnancy.


there are risks associated with all sorts of things. Driving in a car carries risks but it’s still necessary to get to places. Eating certain foods and drinking alcohol can carry risks, taking any sorts of drugs…
If you needed to take antidepressants then that is what you needed. It’s about balance - the chance of birth defects are incredibly low… the chance of danger to the baby from stress caused by the mother’s anxiety/depression could be higher. There are antidepressants which are considered safer to take during pregnancy than others - and the vast majority of people are able to take antidepressants without any adverse effect on the baby. But everything carries risk - or a chance of something unwanted.
Please don’t feel guilty. You did what you had to do, what was right at the time. I hope you get all the support you need.
You will get through this.
Big hugs

I didn’t take anything but my baby was still born with VACTREL. If u want u can send me a friend request. Don’t blame yourself.

My mom took them wen pregnant from my brother and we think he has something too

There is no evidence that antidepressants cause birth defects but I still stopped taking mine. I didn’t want to chance it.

I took my antideprassents when i was pregnant they just lowered my dose from 100mg to 50mg i was already on one of the ones they deem safe, some they dont advise as there hasnt been enouhh research in to it during pregnancy but ur doc shouldve went theough all the info with you and adv u of risks. Dont feel guilty or beat urself up love. Xx

This is a NO GUILT zone! Your mental health is VITAL to your baby! Sending prayers :heart: