Has anyones daughter had this issue with their medication when starting their period?

The question to be posted. My first girl turned 11 last month, and this evening she started her period. I know everything about it been there, but she is ADHD and diagnosed with OCD. She is on medication for them, Concerta and Prozac. She goes next month for her check-up, but I would like to know now if any other mamas have had issues or effects with their daughters and medication when starting.

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My god daughter has the same diagnosis . Her mom got her these things call period under wear. The first time she had it we went threw 14 outfits and underwear in one day. And whole bag of pads. The next day we bought 5 differnt kinds until.she found one she liked

My daughter is 14 nearly 15 I do believe her medication has delayed her she came off the meds 6 month ago and still nothing not even signs of puberty really either so we are waiting to
See she was on neither of them meds tho x

I know that puberty can cause for faster metabolizing of medication, especially for the ADHD meds, at least according to a lot of literature I’ve read. There’s also a lot of literature about the link between girls hormones and ADHD making PMDS worse for them. I unknowingly suffered from it for almost 4 decades, before finally getting an ADHD diagnosis, and learning about all of the “crazy” I had been trying to manage over my lifetime, thinking there was something wrong with me, because I couldn’t keep it together like other wife’s and moms, when really I had just reached the limit of my self taught ADHD coping skills.

My daughter went thru this and was diagnosed the same as your daughter. Till the hormones became natural to her & years of cycles she was violent. The language was horrible . it was very out of control. She ended up going on birth control avivian to help w the hormones & emotions. She’s gonna b 18 soon. Still has a temper but not bad. Seek councling for your daughter so she can understand things w her diagnoses and body. It will b a rough patch . but will out grow. I’ve heard from a lot of conclers that said the same thing to me about kids tht have issues. Good luck. B strong. I survived I’m sure u will too.