Has anyones IUD gone missing?

So has anyone else had there IUD go MIA?


I had the implant in my arm that did! Had to get an ultrasound to find it!

Yep. Never found it but we got our 3rd super cute son out of it. He’s four :sweat_smile:


Yep! Happened to me shortly after it was put in. I didnt realize I’d lost it bacause I was with someone who apparently couldnt make babies. Then when I got a new partner, surprise! Best surprise of my life!


A friend had one go through her uterus :grimacing:


I had to go to emergency room and have ultrasound and have it removed it was attaching to my uterus.

Yes both times I’ve had it. When it came time to remove I had to be sedated and they surgically removed it!

I’ve heard it happen, either it fell out or it implanted itself. I thought mine did, but they did an ultrasound and the string was just too short and it had moved up.

Go you your obgyn ASAP. It could have traveled into your fallopian tube

I had to get mine surgically removed bc it went up inside of me.

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Ariel Morghan Damron

My best friends and they never found it :grimacing:

Following . My strings were super long for a few days and now i can’t find them :grimacing::sweat_smile:

Had one in 1976 got pregnant lost baby at 4 month didn’t come out had to have a d.c to remove it

Yes after 3 yrs got pregnant with my nw 10 yr old son.

Mine got lost. Did ultrasound and X-ray and couldn’t find it. I was having massive clots around that time and the doctor thinks the clots pushed it out?

Yep! Just recently. Had to do an ultrasound to locate it and then was removed immediately. I had mine for a little over a year

Yup two babies off of the mirena two separate times. I don’t trust those things🤐

Mine got lost. I got pregnant. Didnt find out till i was 15 weeks along. They thought it fell out and that i would be fine. Many ultrasounds later at 8ish months they found it behind him. 2 weeks later i have a scheduled c section and they cant find it. They took my uterus out and washed it checked for holes and then reinstalled it. They never found the stupid thing. Hes 3 now.


Mine didn’t go missing but stabbed my kids father in his cough penis and bam our 2nd child was created…