Has anyones IUD gone missing?

My mom had it happen and then got pregnant and my brother was born with it in his hand lmao


Mine migrated into my stomach lining :grimacing: surgery needed to remove it

Mine migrated up and through the uterine wall where it was embedded. I ended up pregnant with mono/mono twins while it was still there. Lost one at 7 months in :confused: had it surgically removed following pregnancy.

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Yes, they couldn’t find mine when it was time to take it out, 4 times later it suddenly appeared and they were able to get it out

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Could’ve fallen out, could’ve gone somewhere it shouldn’t be. Call your OB asap

I couldn’t find the strings to mine and made an appointment ASAP. My doctor found them, they were just pushed up where they couldn’t be felt or seen.

I have the arm implant. I had the IUD and it went to far up and I had it removed immediately.

You’re supposed to check for it regularly. It can move but if you can’t find it definitely get in to see your OBGYN

Noooo! Make an appointment immediately


Those things are so dangerous.

Oh my GOODNESS!!! The comments…these things seem straight ratchet…horrible experiences…im guessing the iud is not recommended???but that’s what docs always wanna give us🤔🤦😳

Mine did in 2012, 2016 and 2017 2 were lost and found by ultrasound, the other they believe my body expelled :woman_shrugging: i know have a gyne fix and had no problems