Has anyones spouse joined the military later in life?

My husband joined before we married but after our first child was born. He was in his mid-20s. I think it did him some good. He’s not still in and it was hard but it was worth it.

Great life for our family. Only down part was a seperate tour. With technology now families can share everything.

Ii provided us a great life! Married 24 years and he is still in. You may have to survive deployments (my husband has been deployed 3 times) but in the long run its worth it.

Free medical for the family, 30 days leave and pretty good retirement, seperation will be tough

My husband joined late like late 20s pushing 30. Right after our 1st was born. It’s been some adjustments but all in all I’ve grown to enjoy it . And it’s gave us a stable life without worry

I was in the military and now my husbands in the military and it was great for me until my contract ended and i decided to move forward with being a civilian which i kinda regret lol


It’s great security for your family, steady income all the time and medical insurance. There’s good and bad days, there’s gonna be many days when you don’t know what time he’ll be home and you guys will miss holidays, birthdays, anniversary’s etc. he won’t always be able to take leave and go to every appointment etc deployments/field problems will probably suck for you since he’ll be gone for a while but it’s a great opportunity for your family to be able to travel, schooling for himself, you or even your kids. You’ll meet great people that end up being like family, many different opportunities for everyone. It had its ups/downs but definitely think it’s not bad to join, years fly by fast so even if he enlist for 4 and be done it’ll go over so fast.


Not enough information to advise you. How is he going to join the military? Entering as a jr enlisted man or through a commissioning program as an officer, or is he a medical doctor/nurse or attorney? As a jr enlisted man his pay may not be what you are used too but your medical insurance will be covered. As an Doctor there will be better pay and housing for family will either be provided or compensation for it provided. Mid 20s isn’t exactly old and is fairly common time to join. Need to look at all angles before deciding.

My husband and I were married for ten years, had 2 kids, and were in our 30’s. We loved our life and the kids learned a lot but, it is not an easy task. I spent a great deal of time being head of household, mom, and dad. We had to work together. His job wasn’t easy but, neither is the job of being left behind.

I grew up with my Dad in air force. I’m kicking my ass for not joining up. You get paid trade ,good salary and transfers and meet great friends for life DO IT u won’t regret.

You get out of it what you put in. If you are a loner it will be difficult. You will have to find new friends every time you move but by the time you leave they are family and if he stays in until retirement you will have friends all over the world. Not a bad life some times and duty stations are difficult but when it is all said and done you can handle alot more than you think you can. Your kids may change schools often but they adapt better than you think they will and will make many memories of all the places you live. My grandaughter and I were just discussing this over the holidays. She attended 8 different schools in 12 years but has great memories of their travels

My friends husband joined late 20sand is still in and it’s 20plus years later, they have five kids and have been able to see the country and send kids to college, it’s the best choice he made, not easy but do able, he is currently in Germany with his family in Texas

There are benefits for you and the kids being in a military family

Your children will get an opportunity to experience all the world’s culture. Unless you have a huge career that won’t allow you to relocate or work remotely, go for it!

It definitely needs to be an in-depth discussion between you two. If you have a good relationship I don’t see it being a bad thing but depending on his job he could be gone a lot.


Well , you won’t always have him around , but it’s not too bad if you love your independence. Plus u don’t gotta worry about rent & if ur working that is just extra income to stack up while he completes his contract . Idk :woman_shrugging:t2: if you don’t mind being alone & u trust the relationship is solid , don’t worry , he’s the one that’s going to have to deal with the shit end of the stick .


I can relate because my ex wanted to do this. It didn’t pan out but I believe if you dont allow him to pursue it hell resent you for it. Also there are huge sacrifices but lots of benefits. Good luck😊


I joined at 35. My husband and I were married for less than a year. He’s pretty independent. So it was great for us. The healthcare is great. You get to travel etc. honestly you have a whole new family. It was wonderful. I did 4 years and left medically. The pension (if you stay 20 years)/medical pay is excellent.


my cousin joined at 28 and he is married. he just finished basic training. his wife and kids are now moving to his stationed area (from ohio to florida)
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Yes mine joined at 37 he was and he lived every minute he is 49 now and just got out.


My husband was 25 & we were together for 8 yrs, married for 3 with 2 kids when he decided to join. He has been in for almost 10 yrs now & it was the best decision we could have made for our family. I was super nervous at first, but we make it work. Everyone’s situation is different though, so only you know what is right for you. Good luck with your decision!