Has anyones spouse joined the military later in life?

Dual military here. My husband was national guard and I was active duty army. He deployed twice. The 1st time I was pregnant with my oldest he made it back just in time. The 2nd time he got injured and almost didnt make it back in time 4 my twins due 2 the program he was in 4 recovery. I got out when i got prego with my oldest because it was more important 2 see my kid grow up then be away from her all the time. Between drills, annual trainings, and deployments, my husband has missed alot of my oldest 1st and has been in her life maybe a consecutive year. Shes almost 6. He just retired medically at 29. It isnt 4 the faint of heart and it isnt all its cracked up 2 be. U move alot which gets exhausting after awhile. It’s almost impossible 2 get any time off without jumping through a million hoops. If u have family far away it’s a choice as 2 which 2 see. The hours sometimes get unreasonable and kids just dont understand at young ages as 2 y parents arnt there only that they weren’t. My advice though if he does join. Join the air force. The deployments are only 6 months and depending on MOS (job he chooses) they will be far and few between. The pay is better and so much easier 2 rank up which means better pay. 4 some it works great others it just destroys their lives. I would think long and hard about it.

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Not good at this time. War is coming.

My dad joined the army when I was around 5 to help ease the bills for our family. We lived on base and you don’t have to pay taxes so it saved them a lot. It was really hard when he was sent to Iraq for 10 months, and I’m sure it was hard on my mom. But they saved enough money to move us closer to family when he was out, plus it paid for him to go back to college. They were around 25 when he joined

Congrats to him! My husband was in his mid twenties when he joined. Was it hard being a military spouse? Heck yes it is but it changes your life for the better. Free insurance, free money for cost of living, when you move they pay for it, plus on some bases they have malls! You get amazing discounts at!! You’ll be able to get mental health help from other wives if your struggling, and everyone who is military comes together like a true family! My husband got out after 12 years. He’s 100% disabled but can still work veteran and my daughter now has free college (huge weight off of our shoulders) my husband has free schooling and we receive a monthly payment for his service. So to answer your question no your not old, he’s choosing to do something very honorable, your life will change and you’ll get see and meet some amazing people and places♥️ please show him support on this decision