Has anyones toddlers ever started stuttering?

Have any of you Mama’s experienced one of your littles having a sudden onset of stuttering? I know all toddlers stutter to the extent that is normal. But my daughter started about a month and a half ago, and it has gotten increasingly worse since. Her pediatrician believes it’s due to stress, which the onset of it does fall two weeks after her father and I separated, and he moved out. She gave me information on a play therapist who could help with it (I left a message with them waiting to hear back) and also the school district’s early intervention program to get her speech evaluated (also left a message and waiting to hear back). I’m just looking for some positive stories of other children overcoming the impediment and if they needed speech therapy. She will be three at the end of the month, and before this, she had immaculate language skills. All the sudden onset of it was very clear that something was different.


My younger brother stuttered a lot when he was a toddler and preschooler. He had an IEP for a while and he did Head Start, which helped him tremendously. He also did speech therapy. I think the most important thing is to be patient and not to rush them when they are trying to talk. My brother eventually grew out of it with help from his speech therapist.


You can try books that are rhythmic. Such as Dr. Seuss. Read them to her and have her say each sentence once you read it to her. Say it with her slowly, then try again a bit faster, then let her say it on her own.
School and a speech therapist will also help, but this is something you can do with her and it will help too.

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My son started to have bumpy speach in 4k and all thru elementary school. (Therapist said not to call attention to it and to call it bumpy speach. Also when having a bumpy episode give them time to finish) When he got to kindergarten it got worse especially with getting picked on. Got a speech therapist and wed practice slow and steady speaking. When hed get excited it would increase, but after 6 years of speech therapy it improved a lot. He still has a hard time annunciating some words, but he doesn’t have bumpy speach.

Yup! My now 8 year old had it. Doctor said it was just vocabulary overload and too much to say all at once. Don’t try and finish their words or tell them to hurry up. Just need to learn patience. My boy grew out of it what seems like years later but maybe less than a year. His grandpa on dads side had a stutter but was brought on by trauma. So it was sorta in the back of our mind that it could in fact be hereditary and not cause by trauma. We were lucky though. Hopefully yours little one outgrows it too

My son started stuttering when he first started daycare, it took about 3 or 4 months and he stopped! Just encourage her to keep talking and dont comment on the stuttering!

Make everything in her life as much the same as possible (routine), reassure her that the separation is absolutely not her fault and nothing she did or can do will make any difference and that mommy & daddy love her so much now and always and forever.

Point out all the positive, happy things in her life: the sun is shining, she gives the best hugs, there’s a cute dog getting a walk, you’re having her fave thing for dinner, there’s a free swing at the playground, you or she found what you were looking for, etc. Give her a project to work on: start planning a garden, make clothes for her doll/s, learn to cook simple things.

Will she have a room at two homes? Help her plan to decorate the room at her “new bonus house.” This will show her life isn’t so bad, even if she feels her world has turned upside down.

This may tamp down the stress, and combined with speech therapy and maybe regular therapy for anxiety, and her stuttering should improve nicely. Annie Glenn (astronaut’s wife) is an inspiration for anyone who stutters.

Yes, my daughter started stuttering out of the blue. I was like you… trying to find answers and searching far a wide. What helped my daughter was the Nemecheck Protocol. About two weeks into the Protocol it started going away and it was gone by week 5. So in other words… a gut imbalance. In a nutshell, you balance the gut by adding Inulin Fiber, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and a high quality Omega Fish Oil vitamin. I tried it because it was all over the counter, I didn’t have to buy anybody’s product and it wouldn’t hurt. Plus, other parents who had kids with speech or other issues were finding immense help with the Protocol.

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I never experienced it watxh a kid go through it, but I went through it. It was do to stress. I never had therapy for it, because it wasn’t real bad. I eventually grew most the way out of. I only did it or still do it some when in a stressful inviorment or know im about to be

Abc mouse if ur child likes tablets.

I would also do friend interactions so they learn from peers!

Iep from ecap if hes under 5.

My daughter had the same problem!! And they said it was stress… I didn’t believe that and took her to six doctors saying she was fine … out her in speech therapy and got a referral to a ent doctor turns out in was right she was going deaf due to build up of eat wx down her earbtubes… once they removed it with. She could hear again… no more stutter and falling behind in learning.

I commend you for taking all the appropriate actions before asking facebook. all too often people rely on facebook before seeking medical attention. I hope you the best and firmly believe she will overcome this because you clearly have some common sense.


When my husband and I first got custody of his son when he was 3/4, he stuttered bad due to stress and the trauma he experienced with bio mom and her boyfriend. My husband used to get frustrated because he felt like his son was afraid of us too but I told him to let me handle it. I talked to my own therapist about the situation and asked for advice. She told me when he got worked up and started stuttering to politely stop him, tell him to breathe and think about what he wanted to say, then have him start over. She told me to make sure we didnt sound upset & to be encouraging and correct him repetitively, as well as give him praise when he didnt stutter. It went on for a few months, but eventually he got past it and has been doing amazing ever since. Hes 7 now and when he speaks you would never guess he had any issues. I know it’s an anonymous post, but if you read this & have any questions please feel free to shoot me a message and I’ll answer the best I can. I hope this helps mama & I wish you the best :heart:

My nephew did he is a school teacher now my husband sometimes does when he is excited. The school will help

My youngest son had a phase with stuttering, his speech therapist said a lot of kids go through this. It’s best to ignore it and don’t make a big deal out of it (with your child), & usually they’ll grow out of it.

My son stuttered. Its common at that age. Sometimes their little brains work faster than their mouths can translate. It may last awhile but I wouldn’t worry about it until he/she starts school. Also, just go with it. Don’t try to correct or speed up/finish what they’re trying to say.

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I had one for a bit when I was younger until a teacher sat me down and asked me to start thinking about what I was going to say before I spoke. For me it was just trying to go too fast. I was closer to 5 or 6 though

Many people overcome stuttering. The brain of a stutter is no different than a fluent speaker, and often they test above average in intelligence. Get the speech therapist and the play therapist. Many people overcome their stutter by puberty

Just encourage them to slow down. It appears to be normal, my LO did it for a little while, but now only stutters when very excited. She even went through the “Me want” stage. I did correct that and it went away rather quickly.