Has anyonr gotten pregnant on the IUD?

Anyone ever gets pregnant with an IUD? I have had this one for a year (I had one for five years prior). Last week I started spotting (I haven’t had a period in years), and I feel sick to my stomach with a headache and pain in my ribs. I did drink Saturday, but no hangover or anything, and I didn’t think anything about even remotely questioning pregnancy till a friend just said something.


My friend got pregnant with an IUD.

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Yep twice take a test and go to the dr asap if you are 💁🏻‍♀

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Yes, 37 years ago. Get checked.

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Yes ,my son was born with it in his hand

:raising_hand_woman: 17 weeks pregnant with IUD!! Did not have any symptoms!!

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I did, ended up miscarrying

I did! My daughter just turned one

Yes. He’s 3. But I had issues with it and had even had my OB check placement and everything “looked” fine.

Yes I did and I ended up with a son he’s now 9

Nope. Had mine in for 4 years took it out last March 2019 and got pregnant in April 2020

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Nope. But I did start spotting on the Mirena after 3 years of no bleeding at all. Ended up having to take it out just cause, for some unknown reason, my body started to reject it :woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging:

I never have. I get like that when I’m having my period, which is mostly hormonal now and less of the bleeding. in fact I very rarely spot, but I get period symptoms! Like headaches and nausea etc.

I got pregnant with my son on the paragard. He is almost 9 months now. I started having my tell tell signs of pregnancy and took a test. They did an ultrasound and I was 5-1/2 weeks

Yes my daughter is 13. But my pregnancy was more of a shock. I had also had my tubes tied.


Had two IUDs and never got pregnant on either one

Has it possibly shifted…

My tenant had twins while she had an iud

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A friend of mine did!