Has this happened to anyone during sex?

Hi. First, I know I need to call a dr if this keeps happening but just asking to see if anyone else has experienced it and what was the reason it happened to you. Yes, I know everyone is different, not here for a diagnosis. Ok, well, my husband and I were having sex last night, and I was standing by the bed. He was behind me. Well, I feel something running down my leg, so I look down, and I’m bleeding horrible. It puddled on the floor. It wasn’t rough sex, and I felt no pain anywhere. Even today, no pain and no more bleeding. I’m just curious as to what may have happened?


See Dr get checked for STD

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It happens to me sometimes. Ling time ago me and this dude looked down and it was like a murder scene on his white blanket :grimacing:
Wasnt even like super rough sex but I had NEVER bled that much before. Kinda freaked both of is out and not much does :sweat_smile: but idk why it happened. And hasnt to that extent in the past 11 years.

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You may have opened up a dry spot or lesion during sex…But you should still get checked because there may be a reason why you have a wound or lesion inside you, could be an irregular thing that the Dr may have to prescribe something for.

TMI. Go to the doctor


In the past, I’ve bled when my cervix got hit. The first time, it bled a lot.

I’ve never had that happen to me. You should go talk to your doctor about that to figure out why you started randomly bleeding like that during sex. My fiance and I do have rough sex sometimes, but I’ve never bled like that.

Could be pelvic floor related

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Yea plenty times had this issue, do see gp, but could be something or nothing. Have no idea why I have episodes of bleeding after or during sex, dosnt happen all time but once in a while, I has key hole surgery after many tests and nothing found xx

Were you late…or due your period soon? This has happened to me a few weeks before my period was due…but get yourself to your Dr. Asap

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I’ve had bleeding durning sex … It was mainly caused by not using proper care of the finger nails and I got cut before the sex had started and it made it worse … I didn’t have a puddle tho sooo idk … Did he check you out after you got cleaned up ? Everything look ok ? There’s sooo many reasons why this could happen

I had a cyst burst, and i didn’t know that’s what happened lol I went to the er and after an embarrassing visit :joy: Thats what it ended up being.

I would go see a doctor , especially if it occurs again . Someone I know has that occur randomly during sex including clots, she finally saw a doctor and it turned out to be cervical cancer… better safe then sorry


Too many possibilities… some are nothing, some are something. Not enough information to even throw out suggestions. Are you pregnant? Did you recently give birth? Do you have an IUD? Have you gotten an STI screening and a pap recently? Have you ever had an abnormal pap? Has trauma has ever occurred to your reproductive system (not necessarily sexual - any trauma including sexual injury, surgeries, or problematic births)?

Please ask your doctor.


I bled during sex when i was pregnant. I was placed on cervical rest, they said it was normal but I couldn’t engage in activity anymore

Best go see the doctor and get checked out, could be anything

I did this. And it wasn’t normal for me. And I was bleeding during/after sex every time for 2-3 weeks. Went to dr and when he examined me I started bleeding as well. Come to find out my ph balance was off and I had to take an antibiotic for 7 days. Been fine ever since

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Go see a dr, my Mum did the same thing and found out she had cevical cancer :pleading_face: all the best :heartbeat:


Does he have a cut or sore that opened? What about you?
Def go see a dr to rule anything out

Cyst rupturing during sex can make you bleed and also so can stds