Has this happened to anyone else years after a tubal?

Could you post this question for me? I’m 35, almost 36, I had a tubal at 22, which I found out were false clips. I also had an ablation in 2012. Well, this month, the march has been odd. My last normal period date was 2/28/2021 (since ablation, my periods are only spotting a couple of days). Since then, march 8-13, I spotted again longer than normal off, and on those days, I was also was sick during this time with headache and vomiting. Pinkish brown spotting, Then craved salads for a week. Now it’s March 21… And I’m spotting again. First, it was a dark red, then changed to now brown but also clear discharge with it. I don’t really think I’m pregnant, but I’m curious if anyone else has had this. Also, I used to like the taste of honey mustard and sour cream, and now both taste gross to me. Any advice? Also, to add, today on march 21 I’ve also had a bit of nausea and lightheadedness with a slight headache


This sounds hormonal with a tubal it’s very possible you are in early menopause . I am in it and have a lot of these same Symptoms. I would see your doctor

Have you tired taking a pregnancy test? It might be too soon but maybe not! I’d start there and then call your doctor. Spotting can mean so many different things. Make sure you’re okay :slightly_smiling_face:

I would see a Dr. but this is how i was when i started pre menopause


It could just be from the ablation.

Id be careful and see a dr…but brown could also be old blood…but definitely go see someone and hopefully they can do a bloodwork up and make sure its nothing but a change (as in menopause) mine was similar when I started menopause but that was also brought on my a huge loss and depression!

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I had an ablation also in November 2019 I spot red pink and brown for 5 days sometimes 7 pregnancy is dangerous after ablation

Sounds like me after my ablation. I have hormone issues and sometimes I feel like I have pregnancy symptoms but I’m never pregnant. I’d just take a test just in case if I were you. Ya never know :woman_shrugging: